Troy Deeney

We haven’t had a thread about Troy Deeney for a while but apparently he wants to stay in the Premier League. Brighton Southampton and West Brom all interested . I know it’s always a false dawn but maybe this rumour may have some truth in it. We won’t get anywhere near as much sell on clause as a few years ago but anything would help in this current COVID-19 situation.

I thought he was destined for West Brom a few weeks ago when he was training at Boldmere and wasn’t in the Watford team, i think they have got until the 16th october?

I suspect it will be a season long loan whereupon his contract expires, he becomes a free agent and can get a pretty big pay day. I doubt a loan fee would yield anything for us (I assume a “sell on” clause is so called because the player needs to be sold on) and if this is the case then that works for Watford too.

I’d be very surprised if somebody came in with a 2020 permanent move offer than would trump the above from either Watford’s or Troy’s perspectives.

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Guy is 32 and actually didn’t score many goals from open play last few seasons. Also had an operation early last year and seemingly clean up op this summer aswell as he wasn’t moving well for Watford in last few games.

Short answer to that is no one will pay close to even 10m for him now as he probably won’t get more than two year deal particularly if he still wants to finish his career at Blues.

Think should focus more on Rico as Cash going to Villa shows the market for pretty good championship full backs is in the 15m range now. Unlikely this season but think he’ll be a cert to move next summer if Brentford don’t go up.

Although it’s never been publically confirmed there is indeed sell on for Rico…Let’s say there is though and huge injection of cash next summer would be brilliant for the club if they can limp through next 6 months in one piece.


I’d forget about getting anything from Deeney. His ship sailed long ago…


I worry about his injury record though.

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I worry about us not seeing a penny of it, even if the transfer goods smiled upon us. As our number one stakeholder will have ensured that these sell on assets were covered at point of sale.

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Playing every game of last season will help ease those worries.

Currently out with an hamstring injury but luckily none of his previous injurys seem to be a recurring issue (shoulder, knee)

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Would a loan fee for Deeney be classed as a transfer fee?

Ich habe keine ahnung!

No. Transfer fees only. Can’t see anyone buying him when he will be free in 10 months.

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Can see someone offering a couple of million or so as a loan fee though to take him for the rest of his contract, they then take him on a free next season.

Is the rent fixed?

E.g if it’s a set amount per year (or if Bonser from the goodness of whatever heart there is decided for a slight decrease for 2020) then surely not all extra income to the club would just go on it. Or if the extra income does make its way to Cyprus then surely whatever is currently set aside for the rent can be redirected into the club for badly needed purposes.

To use an extreme example, Rico Henry has a mad season and gets called up by England and promoted (not that impossible considering England hardly have a LB currently). Man. United like look of him and sign him for 30m. Club has 30% sell on clause so gets around 10m, surely the 10m dosen’t just go straight to him otherwise he’s got a better deal than the Queen with all her estates!

Any extra money coming into club in next year will be very badly needed. I think that’s the one interesting aspect as to my knowledge the club has never had a potentially huge injection of case all in one go as potentially could happen with Rico (if there even is a significant sell on clause). Normally it’s a 750k for Bradshaw or nothing for an Otzumer or Sawyers in recent times so litttle way of knowing.

I guess we have had this debate before.

But in essence if you sell anything; it is subject to a commercial agreement at the time of sale & written into that agreement could be anything. Provided both parties agree & both sets of lawyers do too!

So given that Rico/Troy’s et al sell on clauses were/are an asset, it’s anyone’s guess as what our number one stakeholder demanded for them at the time.

My speculative view is that in the eventuality of the club receiving any such sell on clauses, that the majority of the income would be passed to said stakeholder & not the club.

As for the rent, the owner of the ground, will prepare & negotiate a commercial lease, this will have a term, break clauses, rent review, fixed increases etc… etc… again a commercial agreement, agreed at the time.

Bottom line is we’ll probably never know.

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