Trust statement

From their Facebook

Official Statement from the Trust Board

The Trust Board wishes to express its deep concern regarding the Club’s recent performance, particularly its placement in the bottom six of the League Two table .

This alarming trend brings the threat of relegation to the National League into stark reality—a prospect that could have significant repercussions.

We strongly urge Trivela to implement immediate and effective measures to avert this potential relegation. Our previous comments two years ago highlighted the severe consequences that relegation could have, not only on the Club but also on our town, which is already facing economic challenges. The loss of jobs at the Club, in addition to the broader impact on the community, cannot be overlooked.

It is a critical moment for decisive action, and we, the Trust Board, stand ready to support efforts that will secure the Club’s position and ensure its future success.

For the fans, the only real measure of success is on the pitch. We have been sleepwalking into the National League for the last few seasons.

Must be serious!!


Of course it’s bloody serious. No time for crass comments!

Crikey! Shockwaves are resonating around the place. About bloody time some of our lot woke up


Not on any form of Social Media so I never get to see any such things. This site is all I access, so thanks for posting…

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Wow. Can’t remember this happening amongst some extremely shit times. Shows how bad it really is.


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We’ll put. I thought we’d put the dark days of no communication behind us. Team Boycott’s silence is deafening. The situation is beyond a quarterly newsletter!


Not sure what the Trusts’ line of communication is with the club but I’d hope this statement has reached them directly rather than just being issued on social media.

If they’ve had to go through the SLO then good luck in getting any kind of substantial response.

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I think everything has to go through the SLO now, even supporters groups. Almost like certain people don’t want them speaking directly to Trivela.

Think the Trust statement has only been put on their Facebook page. Nothing on their website (since June) or Twitter (since July).

I think the only way it’s made it’s way on here and other Walsall social media is because individual fans are sharing it.

We’re told that the SLO email address is monitored by Trivela and as such every email is seen by them - according to BB


This is our “Venky’s”, isn’t it? :frowning_face:

I’m guessing it’s zero. I totally forgot they even existed until they posted this. If they had any decent communication at all we’d all know by now what the current terms of the stadium/mortgage is when we’ve been told absolutely nothing. We will win on Saturday , lose at county and Sadler will go into the tranmere game needing a win otherwise they will pull the plug. That’s how it’ll play out imo.


Someone’s telling the SLO not to communicate with supporters groups which is completely against what he should be doing and wrong in my opinion is it Pomlett or the yanks?

I always thought that the trust had lines of contact under bogman and dame omelette. If they don’t now, that seems serious whatever your views on how the trust used these in the past.

From memory they stopped communicating when they wouldn’t allow ISSA to minute meetings accurately and wanted generic summaries of them, so ISSA published the minutes without the sign off of the club - just my recollection it was something like that

Can’t remember but fair play to the trust if they wouldn’t play the dames games to his rules


It would be great if ISSA followed suit - together with some of the big social media accounts with a say on things.

Bit of a spotlight and pressure to say what’s going on.

Doesn’t matter if you’re Sadler in or out - you want this sorted


The SLO was at Barrow last night and it crossed my mind to go and ask him if he was happy with what was being served up but what’s the point he’s not really interested in me or what I think.
He doesn’t represent me, he’s there to serve a purpose to the Americans nothing more.


Why? It really has nothing to do with him. His position is to liaise with supporters.
He’s a long term fan I’d imagine he’s as dis-chuffed as you.


If I was SLO for this shower of shit I’d be resigning on principle alone.