Two full backs not good enough


We seem to be weak at the back two full backs need replacing


They’ve both had good seasons from what I’ve seen.


It wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t keep getting caught out of position,why do they need to keep pushing so far forward when we are playing with 2 orthodox wingers?


I thought Leahy had a fine game today…he did well defensively and played some good passes.Devlin has had better games but his pace is a useful asset and I think they are basically ok. More creativity is needed in the midfield area…that is my biggest cause for concern especially at Home.


Thought the full backs were ok, it’s the wingers final ball that’s the problem.

I would put 5 in midfield from now on with Ronan pushing forward ahead of Dobson and Kinsella.


Talking rubbish the fullbacks have had good seasons so far .we desperately need an experienced centre half to organise everyone


So where is this signing of a centre half ?


I’ve said since the start of the season that neither are good enough - and met with some resistance.

Don’t let Leahy’s odd goal or pass fool you, or don’t let Devlin last ditch hard tackle either - both are woeful postionally and defensively.

They are relics of the Whitney era - we will get better next season when we get rid of them.


Careful, the trolls were after me when I said exactly the same thing a couple of weeks ago.

The full backs are great lads but just not good enough and will be exposed more and more as the season goes on. Same with Guthrie.


I think Guthrie is the most improved player this season and gets better each week.


Probably no need to as despite me criticising him last season Guthrie has been good this season and Fizzy is class at this level obviously.

Injury of course and we’ll see if the loanee is any good.

The reality with criticizing the defence is the team are only conceding a goal on game this season bar the freak Donny game so big improvement on last few years.


Agree, very disappointed they are both still here.
Leahy has improved from last season, but he was surely the poorest left back to regularly play for us so I’m not sure how much that matters.


So strange that these two are scapegoated every time we lose. On the whole they are having a good season from what I’ve seen. Granted I wasn’t there Saturday.


The LazySawyers and Smithout brigade are always in need of a target for their absurd abuse.


Leahy for example was instrumental in the Rochdale and Plymouth wins and Devlin puts in the biggest shift in the entire team. He’s not technically brilliant but he plays every game like his life depends on it.


Now if you don’t agree with this tool you’re a troll. Unbelievable.


Agree 100%. I thought both were naff last season but this season they’ve kicked on big time.


I disagree, guess that makes me a troll.


I said in pre-season they won’t be good enough. Sure, they have kicked off - but they are both woeful positionally.

I suggest looking at the goals we have conceded this season - and look for a common pattern.


On Saturday we conceded due to a penalty which was the fault of none of the defenders.