Tyrese Shade aint coming back

He didn’t pull up any trees while he was here - I expected more from him. I’m not disappointed that he’s not coming back. Similar to the other Tyrese we had from the Villa.

There’s definitely a player in there, he will go onto have a good career.


I think so too. Seems that many had much higher expectations of him compared with Perry, a player of similar age / experience, yet this guy was a regular all season.

Ye I reckon he will come good this season, Will be brimming with confidence.

I still think there is a player in Perry. He didn’t get many chances and it did seem like he was struggling. It would have been nice if someone at the club spoke up on his behalf about the difficulties he was having with long covid.

He still has something about him. I thought he was excellent against Tranmere at home in a two man midfield too. Nothing spectacular but did his job very well. Looking at the players we have signed he is going to have to work hard to get a place in the starting line up but I wouldn’t write him off playing at a higher level, either with us or somewhere else.


I think his goal against Port Vale is colouring a lot of opinion about him. People talk about him like he doesn’t get much opportunity, but he actually made 20 league appearances last season (mostly from the bench to be fair). He started 9 games in all comps, and was largely poor.

The game against Harrogate in particular stands out to me. It was, no exaggeration, one of the worst performances I have seen in a Walsall shirt, including being given the hook at half time, when both Kinsella and Labadie were injured/suspended and he still couldn’t make an impression.

I do think there is scope there. I think he has a bit of the Alfie Bates issue about him. Perry and Bates were not defensive midfielders coming through the ranks. Bates was a play maker, and Perry was box to box. I think both were stifled under Clarke, as was Kinsella, into being defence first players, sitting in a 2 in front of the back 4. That suits Kinsella, but I don’t think it suits Perry and I don’t think it suited Alfie Bates. That continued under Taylor who played Perry as a deep lying midfielder, and probably made the issue even worse.

Hopefully with three at the back, and a wealth of defensive midfielders to choose from, there will be no need to have two holding and we can “unlock” Perry, and allow him to effect the game in both boxes, not just our own, because I think that is where his real strength lies.

It’s a massive season for him, could say make or break.


I agree. I hope he pushes on this season.

Maybe I wasn’t very clear in my post. My point was that a lot of posters who are sympathetic to, or have shown patience towards Perry (and Bates), seem to have completely different criteria for judging Shade, a player of very similar age and experience.

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Bates was brilliant in an game away at Tranmere a few years ago playing as the spare man in a midfield three under Clarke. He won lots of second balls, intercepted stray passes and had time to look up and get us moving forward quickly. Like you say, our midfield was never set up to allow him to thrive in that role. Perry could do a similar job in this system, he just needs to find a way in. I think this is where the extra substitutions could do the likes of Perry, Phillips and Menayese a favour (providing they’re still here of course)

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Swindon have signed Reece Devine now! :joy:

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They absolutely tore him apart in the last game at our place.

I can’t see what they saw in his 45 minutes (I’m sure he was hooked at half time he was that bad) that made them think he was for them.

The game he got took off at half time was against Port Vale.

Against Swindon he was taken off in the 62nd minute, equally as bad in both games.

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Fear for them if they play Shade and Devine in the same team tbh

Looking at Shade and Devine, i’m struggling to see who I would take out of Swindon’s team for them.

I thought both fullbacks were very good at our place for them, and they had Barry and McKirdy either side of their number 9. If they plan on using Shade as a replacement for Barry, then that is a big downgrade.

I wasn’t too fussed if either signed or not and I do wish them both well - just not against us! :sweat_smile:


There was an interview with Swindon’s manager yesterday on Twitter and he said that they’ve brought Shade in to play on the right side.