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I’ll let someone else explain, but Walsall (represented by Mr Adebayo) are playing Roma (one of the best Twitter football team admins) at home in the first round.

My son’s all over this, apparently the tie of the round is Swindon v Benfica.

Someone tell the bookies!


Haven’t a few teams dropped out because it’s sponsored by The Sun?

WTF ? i have no idea what you are all on about? aaah got it it’s a play on quarantine :wink:

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Tranmere for one

Tranmere refused to apparently. I should be the Finn Harps reserve having beaten my 16 year old 9-1 last night v Cork City, which believe me is like a month’s worth of goals scored in one game.

Fine idea but backed by The S*n. Once some clubs joined those dots they pulled out. I have a new found respect for the likes of Macclesfield and Bristol City.

Unfortunately we have carried on with it. Which is a real shame and disappointment.

Obviously I live on Merseyside and I’m in my late 40’s so I’m closer to the legacy of Hillsborough than most Walsall fans. So I get that pouring cold water on this lark puts me out of step.

But the hurt that The Sun caused to the families, friends and communities of the bereaved continues to prevail. It is real. Imagine losing your dad, your brother, your son or your daughter at a football match. And then imagine spending the next three decades having to fight tooth an nail to effectively clear their names for having a hand in their own and their friends deaths because a national newspaper printed a litany of falsehoods about the circumstances under which they passed.

Football fans, football families. People like us. Lives lost, put on hold, ruined. And yet that newspaper lives and breathes and still spouts its bile.

But yeah. Pretend Roma versus pretend Walsall.


Not with everyone.


Yeah. Crewe did as well. It’s just a bit of fun by a club who just so happen to be sponsored by Dream Team. Nobody boycotted Orient away over it so I don’t quite get the outrage over a FIFA tournament myself. I get The Sun is a rag but if nobody boycotted an actual game of football where it’s sponsors actually mean something, then it’s a bit weird to do it over a video game personally.
Maybe it’s just because the video game is the easier option, but it just devalues the argument against The Sun if people aren’t prepared to boycott it in all circumstances.

Let’s not suck the little bit of fun and enjoyment out of absolutely everything in life.


Ah, that’s the bit that confused me - I thought Dream Team was a TV show from the 90’s.

I get what you mean though, half of the kit manufacturers for Premier League teams use sweatshops, nobody boycotting them.


As I said on Twitter, don’t want to fall out with anyone. Life’s tough enough at the moment.

I get Simon’s point on all of the chancers and raqueteers that have this noses in the football trough where no eyelids are batted. I just see the Sun as exceptional because they attacked dead football supporters and their families which strikes more of a chord with me personally than a betting company sponsoring a ground.

I’d love to think Liverpool fans would stand in similar solidarity if the position were reversed.

I’ve made my point. I won’t change my perspective. I still hope the club changes theirs. It’s a conscience thing. And we’re all different.

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I hate the sun…

But I think in these times it’s ok to support something that’s a bit of fun, and might help some take their minds off what’s happening - even if it’s for 5 minutes.


I totally get @P.T’s position as the Sun, and especially its editor at the time Kelvin MacKenzie, played an absolutely vile role in the Hillsborough cover up that has taken more than 30 years to get to the bottom of and justice (of some sort) be done.

However, as far as I can make out, the rag’s only involvement in this is that their fantasy football competition is the shirt sponsor at Orient this season and whoever it was at the O’s (as the organisers of this event) unthinkingly included the Dream Team logo on a tweet advert for the event (and have since removed it) - apart from that the Sun does not seem to be involved at all. Unless of course someone knows differently?

As to the competition itself - big thumbed spotty teenagers sitting in in darkened bedrooms playing a video game against (mainly) academically underachieving but comparatively very well paid footballers with too much free time on their hand? Nah, not piquing my interest to be honest.

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Ha ha. Look, I’ve made my point, my position won’t change but I get other people feel differently.

And I’m pleasantly relieved that all that divides us all on this is shades of disdain for The S*n and their presence in this thing.

Thanks all.

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Beat Roma 2-1, apparently.

5,000 watching the live feed, Mr Pomlett will be happy.

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We get a mention

If you’re really desparate for a football fix (like me!)
you can replay the game on the E&S website (They are really short of stories due to the virus situation)

Well done Elijah!


Guthrie certainly kept tight on Dzeko and Mkhitaryan my MOTM

When is the draw for the next round

How many fans did Roma bring to he Banks’s? How many would we have taken to the Stadio Olimpico if we’d been drawn away?