Undersoil Heating

With today’s match vs Swindon the latest to victim to the cold weather, is investing in undersoil heating something Trivela need to look at in the Summer?

I’m sure some good natured Statto can tell us how many games have been postponed due to frozen pitches over the past few seasons. The cost to the club and inconvenience to the fans is obvious. Surely in 2023 we ought to be have the facilities to keep games on.

Should it be more of a priority than the refurbishment of the Saddler’s Club?

I believe the cost to install and run are eye watering so that’s a no for the foreseeable future.


How expensive is it, to fit and also to run?
And how much does a postponement actually cost us? I have no idea, but someone on here might.

How many clubs actually have it?

Can’t help with the number of games called off, there have been a few. Undersoil heating is very expensive to install, but also very expensive to run - a search on google shows that in 2011 it cost £3500 to run for two days. God knows how much it would cost now. The finances probably stack up for premier league clubs I don’t know whether it would for us.

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I know Premier League clubs have an obligation to make every game playable therefore I imagine much larger fines exist if they have to call off due to the weather so it becomes a potential no brainer.

One postponement I remember was Sunderland at Home in 03-04, we were due to play them on a Tuesday, it was called off about lunchtime and pretty much immediately rearranged for the next day. Why was that? Was it frost/ice or waterlogging? Either way, they obviously knew conditions would improve and it did go ahead on the Wednesday.

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Fly the players to Dubai or Florida and play the game there.

  • reduces fixture congestion
  • grows international fan base
  • players can have a bit of time in the sun.

ST holders can watch on ifollow


Feels like the sort of thing that should be included in the Premier League’s solidarity package with the EFL. There has to be some sort of advancement in this area, especially when you remember that League 1 and 2 sides are unable to have 4G pitches installed.

We’re in the ridiculous situation whereby Rushall Olympic are able to play today but the EFL side can’t get a game on.

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You’d be a cracking chairman mate, the kind I’d certainly like to work for :smile:


According to the stadium info on https://www.transfermarkt.co.uk/ non of the League 2 grounds have it.

Looks like it’s a pipe dream for those in the 4th tier.


Id much rather we bought DJ and a couple of midfielders first.


100% agree. Investing in the playing squad should be the priority but what about the Saddler’s Club? Which would you prioritise: the Saddler’s Club refurb or undersoil heating? The cost may not be comparable but for argument’s sake let’s assume they are.

The Saddlers Club would be used for 23 home games a season, undersoil heating maybe two?


I’d most certainly rather stand up the bar with a nice cold beer than stand in the centre circle in -7° temperatures with one.

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From Carlisle 's Chairman quoted in December last year.

Good point!

Would it interfere with the sprinkler and draiage systems aleeady in place?

And no to plastic pitches! Hated them when they were around before, never got on with them whenever I’ve played on them, and still don’t think they are as good as mud and grass.


Let’s warm the sausage rolls properly before we worry about the pitch.

:person_facepalming:t3: lump on


We could put those warm tears to some good use in this age of sustainability :grin: :wink: