Undisclosed Contracts

What’s with those?

I genuinely don’t understand why we do it. Agents will know how long is left on a players contract and so will the rest of the football world, the only people that ‘suffer’ from not knowing the contract length is the fans.

Do you agree/disagree on the approach?

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All part of the smoke and mirrors policy rife throughout the club.

“Where’s the money gone?”

“What money?”

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Some Bristol Rovers fans on here did warn that Clarke tended to keep certain things such as contacts, injuries, tactics, the colour of his socks ‘in-house’


This is the Manager’s view apparently…I cannot understand it either but if he is successful who cares.

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Seems a complete nonsense in isolation, and it is irritating, but maybe it’s part of bigger ethos and picture of teaching the importance of control :man_shrugging:

“Where’s the fans gone?”

“What fans?”

Yeah bit weird. Not sure I’d be bothered at any other club but our club hides most things it just seems like another thing that us, the paying fans, are kept out of the loop with and doesn’t really help the ‘us vs them’ thing between fans and club right now.

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But that is one of the problems with the clubs attitude to fans, it’s take it or leave it and if you don’t like it then shove off.

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Quite a few clubs have been doing this lately, it’s not an isolated practice

Bit strange, but in the grand scheme of weird behaviours adopted by the club I can deal with it.

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So come the end of the season, Kinsella has had a great season, clubs sniffing around, do we assume Kinsella is contracted for another season? Or do we just get landed with the news one day in June 2020 that actually it was only a 1 year deal and he’s gone on a free? Or if we sell a particularly well performing player in January, how do we guess what his “undisclosed” transfer fee was… did he have 6 months or 18 months left on his deal?

As others have said, can’t see what benefit it brings as players and agents will know the deal, it’ll just serve to keep fans in the dark.

Maybe I’ll just pay for my ticket with an envelope marked undisclosed, but guarantee the cashier that there is actually some money in there.


“I am continuing that dream and, over the next two years, hopefully I can continue to rack up more appearances and fingers crossed I can surpass the 100 mark this season." I think reading this quote on official site that Kinsella has signed for 2 years

Stoke taking the same approach… https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/48764406

Loving the undisclosed envelope Phil. Let’s do it!

Undisclosed transfer fees and now undisclosed contracts - we should be used to not knowing much nowadays. I don’t understand the need to know the length of the contract to someway try and workout the fee the club get given, as the vast majority of fans still think it wouldn’t be enough.

And lets not forget that if the club was open and honest, and revealed absolutely everything about everything, us lot on here wouldn`t have half as much to discuss, debate, argue, and moan about would we?
A bit of the unknown, mystery, intrigue, plot and sub plot, shenanigans and skullduggery go a long way to helping the day pass.

I dunno, I think we’d have even more to moan about asking where the money is going.

On the topic of contracts, it would be interesting to know which budget area (playing/infrastructure etc) fits the bill when we have to compensate sacked managers.


Evidence suggests it must come out of the plumbing maintenance budget. :wink:


I can understand the ‘undisclosed’ element of contracts.
It’s to stop the vultures circling when they know a player has only 6 months of his contract left.
If no one knows the length of contract, no one can ‘tap him up’ to join them at the end of contract.

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