Upcoming Twitter/News post?

As I have notifications setup for the official account and I’m sure some of you also do too, did you see a tweet go out starting with something along the lines of

‘Chairman Leigh Pomlett addresses recent defeats and …?!

I clicked on the link but seems as both the tweet and link to the news article on the website was taken down immediately!

Did anyone else see it? I’m guessing that it’s going to be released tomorrow or in the build up to Saturdays fixture.

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And calls for patience probably :joy: It’ll be his programme notes. ‘Addresses recent defeats’ probably isn’t the best way to start as it’ll probably look like a dreaded vote of confidence.


Patience bums and 5000 standard :rofl:

you was right me mon

Leigh Pomlett:

Lets not lose the faith though I freely accept the last two performances have tested the patience of our supporters. We must though keep it all in perspective as we embark on our journey back into league one.

Hmmmmm I don’t like him wedging the Sinnott thing in there to be honest. Seems compeletly out of place with the rest of the article and screams “remember this tragedy and forget the stuff that’s gone to ■■■■” for me to be honest.

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Would you rather he released a separate post for that? I think a lot of people read too much into things sometimes.

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‘Patience by Leigh Pomlett’ sounds like a fresh new fragrance hitting the shops for Christmas 2020.


I’d rather he didn’t wedge it in with something completely off that topic. So yeah, if he felt so compelled to.

But I doubt he did. Just the way I read it :man_shrugging:

I think you’ll find that this is just the text of his latest programme column for the Crewe game rather than some separate message (basing that on just about all the other LP “news” items on the OS being just that - an advance copy of his programme column).

So in that context, having a go at him for mentioning Lee Sinnott’s son rather than solely giving it the sackcloth and ashes bit that you seem to expect from him (and invoking the swear filter while doing so), says a lot more about you than him in my opinion.

What’s the view like from that high horse you always seem to be on?

Woah who’s having ago? I’m reading between the lines of what he said. But bless you for being so effected by a swear word you can’t even see.

And to be fair, I don’t read the programme so I wouldn’t know that’s what it is. Doesn’t really change my opinion on what he’s saying either.

Actually you can see what you wrote. :poop:

Well done Sherlock.

Right on cue.

If we are losing 0 - 3 tomorrow I will try to keep it in perspective.
But seriously lets not fall out about it.

What the word was is actually immaterial, the fact that you felt compelled to use it whilst attempting to denigrate LP mentioning the personal tragedy of a former player (something he is doing on behalf of the club) just shows you up for the type of person you are.

Haha wow. You know swearing isn’t against the law right. And I’m on a high horse! :joy:

Enough now, don’t derail it into a full on slanging match - take it to DM’s.


Slanging match? Sorry for stating my thoughts.

Forgive me for taking the above personally and for whatever I “slung” the other way.

I didn’t single anybody out. Both parties - you have DM’s if you feel compelled to use them for this subject. Don’t spam this thread please.