Update from a happy Mr Pomlett!


More sly digs at Clarke.

and a “we’re going for it”. Big phrase, i hope he means it.

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Nice update from the owner. The club has (so far) shown their intent to challenge for promotion, he’s asking us to get behind the team and support the club in obtaining their goals.

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He’s certainly happier with the current dealings it’s plain to see the budget so far has been spent more wisely than before it’s chalk and cheese from the Clarke Era and I’m actually pleased for him because it’s his money at the end of the day so to see someone waste it like Clarke did and take his club backwards must have really upset him.


A good listen and very encouraging. Looks like JF is doing well and helping turn the club around.

Pomlett looks a lot happier now. Encouraging to hear Earing coming because of Fullarton.

It’s all great to see and a huge change from recent seasons of poor signings at the last minute.I think there where a few digs at Clarke in that interview as well lol.


Happy to hear that the rigor, allied to the mortis that had been setting in to the club, is being replaced by rigour.


Do you think there is a dictionary hat, when going for interview they pull a word and have to use that word excessively in the interview? It would explain Dutton and Clarke’s irritating ramblings during theirs

He comes across time and time again as a really honest man who absolutely wants the best for this football club and the fans.

Not sure about his public speaking. He says things at times which he must later regret. And he picks up words to use, which he then sprinkles around a talk he gives. This time it’s “rigour” and also I cringed at him saying a few times that we are a challenging club. Anyone who has supported this football club as long as I have will absolutely agree that we have been a very challenging club!!:joy:


He Genuinely cares and loves the club you can tell that for sure.


I’m pleased he’s addressed issues with anonymous loans and a complete lack of direction, consistency and stability across the footballing side of things.

I like how much more relaxed and happy he seems to be, not to mention assertive (in a good way). I want the club to be more aggressive and bullish than we have been, and have the culture within it driven by that assertiveness to win, not just be the nice profitable club with a losing mentality.
When talking about managers leaving and clubs going into meltdown, he says “I won’t have it” in the sort of tone you can only imagine Bonser using when someone suggested lowering the rent.

I want it all to work for him, I really do.


We all do.


Does it matter that much, as long he he gets over what he means? Bonser didn’t speak in public too much, but when he did he was good at making himself look the victim.

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I agree. No offence to anyone picking him up but he’s running this football club and implemented changes we wanted for years. I can forego him over-using a few semantics. Must be incredibly unnerving and fraught with anxiety speaking publicly, frequently about an organisation of massive importance to thousands of people in an industry that is cut throat and unforgiving by its consumers and competitors. I couldn’t do it. Emotions would get the better of me. Fair play Leigh, you look healthy and happy. We’ll back you.


Us fans being divorced from financial reality and not realising that by sucking millions out of the club for years we should be grateful for our Lord and saviour Jeff saving the club? :thinking:

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I’m a bit concerned over this stupid e ticket season ticket thing I think LP is as well as he made a point about mentioning it I’ve got a feeling it won’t go down to well and most people Will use the card system it Just seems a daft time to implement something like that after people have been away From the ground for a year


Nah, it’s surely good to see the club actually move with the times?

It will be so much easier for people to purchase a ticket now rather than the arduous process of waiting in a 20 minute queue or booking over the phone.


For those who are tech savvy yes but for those of us who are not no!!! I would far rather go to the ticket office but then I am an old bugger :wink:


Yesterday I bought a ticket for our newly announced pre-season game at Kiddy. Only available in electronic form from their e-ticketing site for both home and away fans - and they are in the league below us! No problems whatsoever - just need to flash the QR code they e-mailed back to me to get in.

Some people might not like it but, same as paper and metal cash being phased out, it’s how the future will be so we all need to move with the times.

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