Upgrade or Downgrade?


Dunn > Rose = Upgrade
J. Guthrie > Clarke = Upgrade
Leahy > Pring = Upgrade
Devlin > Facey = Unsure about this 1
Osbourne > Sinclair = Upgrade
J. Edwards > Guthrie = Upgrade
Cook > Adebayo = Downgrade
Keates > Clarke = Upgrade

Remaining shopping list
. Replacement for cook must have experience and a decent goalscoring record
. Attacking midfielder doesn’t have to be experienced
. The trialist who scored the other night he looked lively
. A young CB from higher up the leagues on loan to provide extra cover

I’d be happy going into the season with that squad and coaching staff. Top 7 guaranteed :+1:



Looking at it that way,it really looks like we’ve got a better squad than last year,it’ll be interesting to see if you’re right,still room for a couple of decent experienced players.



Keates < Clarke - megasuperduperupgrade?



Adebayo+Bringing out more of Gordon>Cook



Not sure I agree. Adebayo looks really lively, a lot livelier than Cook ever did. Adebayo has the attributes that Cook should have had. He’s strong, will win more aerial challenges than Cook and will look to bring others into play which will create more goals overall, maybe not for Adebayo, but for the team.

Only an early observation but that’s how I see it so far, looking forward to the Gordon/Adebayo partnership this season.



Personally I still have my concerns over Gordon , he just isn’t a finisher but appreciate his work rate.

I think we need another striker.

It will be interesting to see who DC brings in to replace Ferrier.



I’d say a striker that can finish is a priority, Adeboyo will win a lot of knockdowns, granted I only seen him at Leamington but they weren’t aimless knockdowns or flick ons they were aimed towards Gordon, I Hope he scored the goals we need but don’t believe he will.
I’m very happy with the business DC as done and am genuinely looking forward to the season ahead.



Ye agree , I reckon DC will still be working hard to bring in that Stella signing.

The Ferrier / Dobson money will cover it.

I think relying on two strikers with no goal scoring track record would be a concern.



When the ball went up for Cook, he would flick it on because that’s all he could do and it would roll to the keeper.

When the ball goes up to Adebayo he brings it down or knocks it down to Gordon’s feet.

Adebayo is an upgrade on Cook and a min 10 goals out of each of them makes up for what Cook provided.

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Agree with all the upgrades would just love an experienced striker now who can give this team the goals in needs. Looking good though just don’t think there’s enough goals in the team. But we will certainly be competitive and hard to beat.



I’ll wait to see them play in actual games first before deciding who’s an upgrade and who isn’t. I haven’t been impressed so far. Guthrie’s the only one that I have been genuinely impressed by the signing of.



Could be another 3-4 coming in as he said he wanted another 6-7 after the Leamington game. Also said previously that he’ll keep a bit in the pot for reinforcements in January if needed. Budget can’t be that bad or he’s just working wonders with it.



Let’s not forget we now have Marcus Stewart on the coaching team. I’m sure he will improve our strikers but also know whether they are 10+ or 20 + goal strikers.

Also reported that Peterborough turned down a £25,000 offer for Matty Stevens from Forest Green.

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Would be great if we pushed the boat out and went for someone like Stevens. For some extra goals and that last piece of the jigsaw. I think Clarke knows what he is doing and maybe waiting for funds from the ferrier and dobo sales.



Any Walsall Team which has consistency in formation and personnel, will be an improvement on the shambles served up under Keates.

Assuming we are going with 352 then the team certainly looks more balanced and potentially capable, than the one that played a league higher last season.



Don’t think we can say any are an upgrade or downgrade until we have played a few games but what I will say is Clarke has assembled a squad which on paper (minus a proven goalscorer) should be top seven.

His Rovers teams (apart from first season in L2) relied on the defence more than their attack and I’m sure with Clarke, Roberts and Sadler we have the best defensive three in the league. With Sinclair, Guthrie and Kinsella we have the best midfield three in L2.

Clarke has always been known at Rovers for changing his formation and XI every week so there is enough flexibility for him to do that now. He’s even trying new things with Norman at CB and C-M as a winger.

Clarke knows what he’s doing and it refreshing to have a manager like him.

I just hope the fans get behind him and support him because this could in the words of Mat Sadler be the start of something very special!



Strange thing about Gordon is that he finishes the difficult ones but misses the clear-cut chances when he’s got time to think.

Hopefully Stewart can get the most out of him, because he could be a 15+ goal striker in League Two.



If he starts the majority of games next season, then 15 goals should be the minimum for him.

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Ye I think Stewart could be a great asset , he was some finsisher back in his day!



I don’t think the budget is that bad tbf, he’s done some fantastic business.

Replacing Dobson with a free whilst potentially recovering 300k on a transfer free.