UTS Prediction League History

As a preliminary to a more in-depth account of the 12 previous UTS prediction league seasons, here is the list of winners, points totals and 2nd and 3rd places.

The prediction league began in the 2006/7 season and I have managed to accrue most of the relevant data. Missing and assumed lost is the table for the first season, the ongoing tables of the second season (the final table exists). I’m also missing the tables for season 2013/14 and 2015/16 (they aren’t showing up on the archived site). I’m pretty sure I have these stored in another location, but if they are around - or any that are missing, please let me know so I can add them.

2006/7 1st Jeff’s Mate 86 SaigonSaddler 84 Duke 83 (Points estimated)
2007/8 1st Atomic Rooster 99 Manchester 99 Old Penk 93
2008/9 1st (Stig231 + WhittiSteve 95) JollyJohnny 94 SJ 88

2009/10 1st Stig231 100 (SaigonSaddler 98 and JollyJohnny 98) Kevin 94
2010/11 1st HK Saddler 80 Stig231 79 JollyJohnny 76
2011/12 1st SaigonSaddler 104 WhittiSteve 103 Manchester 99

2012/13 1st Welsh 85 Exile 78 (King Crimson/SaigonSaddler/Jockey 75)
2013/14 1st Old Penk 108 Exile 108 SaigonSaddler 103
2014/15 1st SaigonSaddler 85 Stig231 84 1933/Sheff 84

2015/16 1st Saddla 89, SaigonSaddler 84, Exile / Welsh 80
2016/17 1st JollyJohnny 104 SaigonSaddler 83 Saddla 82
2017/18 1st JollyJohnny 94 Morty 87 SaigonSaddler 82

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Well done on such organisation and meticulousness!! I will have a look and see if I have any of those missing tables stored somewhere and pm them to you.

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I’ve still got a subbuteo player with “Manchester” somehow squeezed onto its back.


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Updated with 2015/16 final results, table weirdly found floating about on the internet. That’s all the final tables acquired except the first season, which resides somewhere in a Belgian landfill.

UTS Prediction League history

The UTS is currently in its 13th iteration, the format for which has remained unchanged since the start, proving that simplest things are often the best. The league has seen its fair share of drama, mini tantrums, outlandish posturing, soaring victories and chronic failures. There have been three administrators, Flemish Saddler, seasons 1-5 (part), SaigonSaddler, seasons 5 (end), and Jolly Johnny who has administered from season 7 to date. Season 6 was administered by all three at various times.

Early Beginnings

The idea for the prediction league all started in season 2005-06 during which an aborted competition was started by Yoda halfway through the season with about 10 regular participants. This included a complex set of rules based on predicting how many goals a team would score, meaning a 4-1 score-line would still return points if you managed to guess the losing team would score 1 goal. Perhaps that was part of the reason for its demise, but it lasted for only about 10 games until it stopped being administered.

The formula takes shape

Following discussions with active participants, Flemish Saddler was willingly coerced into the administration of a new league with a more logical set of rules. Players would simply select 3 games with points being allotted for getting result correct and another for a correct score, so a maximum of 6 points. The new UTS Prediction League was ready to begin!

Kick-Off and promotion for Walsall

The first full Prediction League began on day one of the 2006/07 promotion season from League 2, the unforgettable Richard Money inspired success which was secured with a dramatic last gasp Dean Keates equaliser at Swindon.

Part of the consequence of the playing success was that the site was well populated by a crowd of enthusiastic, if sometimes volatile posters, translating into a healthy 60 odd competitors. Flemish was forced to post results in split tables, players in 31st taking solace that were still top of the second half.

Victory for 'Jeff’s Mate’

The table is lost to history, a victim of an unfortunate PC failure that Flemish announced in season 5. It was a season of getting to grips with the art of prediction making, ironing out best strategies and featured a large number of creative and hopeful punts, recording an unsurpassed number of speculative 3-2 and 4-1 wins. It was great fun with raucous banter, JM holding off a late Saigon surge to secure the crown.

No tables exist for the first season, which ended thus (points estimated):

1st Jeff’s Mate 86
SaigonSaddler 84
Duke 83
(I’m pretty sure Jolly Johnny was 4th).

Season Two

Final table for the second UTS prediction league season, 2007/08.

The appetite for a competition of this nature was tantalised, and season 2 was confirmed by Flemish Saddler, characterised by early posturing from the likes of Manchester Saddler, Exile, King Crimson, derbysaddler and SaigonSaddler, amongst others. No less than 60 predictors took part in the 2nd season, emphasising the traffic UTS enjoyed before Facebook and Twitter took their pound of flesh. The season is also lost, but thankfully Flemish posted the final table at the start of season three and this is retained, as the third season was copied in full and kept, comments and all.

Looking through the list, we can see many of the veteran regulars, active participants in the varied debates and discussions at the time. Some are still around, some have drifted away and some have unfortunately passed away. The table serves as a reminder of the active participants of those days.


Joint winner. Nice!!! :grin:

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I too have one of them somewhere from winning the African Nations Cup with my old persona on it.

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That was back in the day when Joe90 used to ban me weekly.

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I remember it well, the most challenging name was Atomic Rooster, which manage to squeeze on, just.

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That was around the time we made Sheffield Saddler a mod. Half the board got banned for disagreeing with him before we could block him.

wasn’t that the name of a rock band back in the 70’s?


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I’m surprised I survived that.

I’m surprised the site survived it.


Me and Sheffy boy had a disagreement on a Facebook thread created by matt-saddlesore. He called me all the eff’s and jeff’s he could think of (not many, then :wink: ). When I replied with a kiss emoji he blocked me. That’s the best kiss I’ve ever given :joy: