Vauxhall Conference

Who do you want to get promoted out of the Vauxhall Conference into Walsalls league.

Looks like either Stockport or Wrexham for automatic

Then Halifax, Solihull Moors, Notts County, Chesterfield or Grimsby from the play offs.

I think Wrexham and Solihull for me. Two teams we can have a degree of rivalry with and get decent crowds when we play them.

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Wrexham are propped up by false money, signing players on wages that many League One teams couldn’t afford. So, no, I don’t want a team trying to buy their way to success to be promoted. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to see Stockport take the title (albeit they are also paying crazy wages for their level) and then Halifax promoted through the play offs. Unfortunately, I think Stockport have imploded and Wrexham will take the title and massive amounts of publicity because of their famous owners.

I would like to see the two with the least chance of being successful next season, going up.


Grimsby via the play-offs for me. As that’s the closest ground to my house, especially as Scunny are going down. Also this my cheer up the grumpy sod in my local butcher’s, only for 5 minutes though :roll_eyes:


Realistically…. Stockport and either Notts County or Grimsby.

Assuming Halifax still play at The Shay (I think they do) then only Solihull would be a new ground for me.

They are all decent away days though. Wrexham was always one of my favourites so I will go with them rather than Stockport. Then Nott’s County, always take a large following there and it’s a nice easy day on the train.

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Whichever of Stockport or Wrexham comes up, you have to fancy them to be in the shake-up for promotion to League One next season, as they’ll have both momentum and financial clout behind them, and will be well supported home & away.

The traditionalist in me wants Notts County back.


Out of Stockport and Wrexham, at least Stockport has a home-grown owner. Wrexham can go swivel.

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Stockport - easy trip up the WCML.
Halifax - Never been to the Shay, so would be another ground to scratch off the list.

Both traditional league clubs & rivals from my early days of supporting WFC so would be great to have both back in the league.

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Talking of promotion, Vale play Newport today. It’s still possible for them to miss out on a play off spot if they lose it, and then lose their last game on Sat away at Exeter.
It obviously needs other teams to do the business, but wouldn’t it be great if their season implodes right at the death?


It’s more likely they will win today and quite probably take that automatic promotion slot

I was just looking on the bright side!
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:They’re wobbling a bit though, and to get third place they’d probably need to win at Exeter as well, who need a win to secure the title.
There’s still plenty of permutations - such a shame we’re not in the mix.

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I’ll happily take any of them as they’re all quite local except Stockport.

Wrexham is pretty much a home game for me, so them, and then either Halifax or Grimsby.

Grimsby and Notts County for me, Grimsby for the fish and chips and pubs near the ground and Notts County is an easy travel and a good entertaining away day

I deliberately didnt pick Solihull even though nearer but if they dont go up we could end up nabbing Dallas

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Maximum respect to any club(s) who climb out that division.

Those clubs trying to get out of that league have a plan and structure to make things work. This is why we’ve been in decline for (at least) the last five years.

And still - NO PLAN

Hopefully either Stockport and either Halifax, Notts County or Chesterfield. However I agree with @ShropsSaddler that Stockport have imploded. Wrexham will beat them to the title. Looking at the form table I could see Solihull going up in the play offs, not sure how I’d feel about being equals with Solihull but fair play to them, that’s what giving it a real good go is.


Has Solihull’s ground been redeveloped since we last went there to be good enough to be allowed into the league? Or would they need to ground share for a season or 2 while it’s brought up to standard?

There are plenty of riches to rags stories amongst all those ex-league teams in the mix to come back up - demonstrably worse stewardship than our board is accused of. The mega-bucks some of them have had spent on them to get promoted back into the league can’t last if they fail - and only 2 will be so it will be wasted for quite a few. More Burys and Macclesfields on the way?

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Solihull’s ground is better than Sutton’s IMO.

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Not hard to be fair