Villa kids

Just watching Villa under 12’s v a strong Liverpool team. I’ve never heard of most of them.
They look head and shoulders above anything we have or have loaned recently.
Their on the doorstep for gods sake and I’m sure Deano would do I’d a favour.
Why aren’t we getting some of these lads on loan???

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Evening games after bedtime?

1-1 at HT unreal aye it

I put £10 on villa winning at 35/1 :joy: be great if they could pull it off


No chance they might want paying

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Second half is inevitable but the raw talent there is obvious. 2 or 3 of these lads would make a massive difference to us in the second half of the season.

We should just get rid of our current squad(with a couple of exceptions) and play the Villa kids for the rest of the season :smile:


They’d be in the top 3 in this ■■■■ poor league mate.

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That 10quld could have paid for your next I follow saddlers game chunk :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Money well miss spent then :rofl: :wink:

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If you were Dean Smith would you want to send these good young lads to play in a side with some of the one dimensional uninspiring dross that we have ??

We have three premier league clubs on our doorstep and a decent championship club in the Blues. We have one loan player ? But we keep shopping at Bristol City who send us a few decent players

Come on Walsall sort it out

Look at the Quality Smith was able to extract from the Albion

Bad management of the Team and are recruitment (DC) and those who run the whole show for letting this develop (Pommlett)


As much as it’d be nice to be able to get some of these lads in, I could see the pig headedness of Clarke not wanting any favours from a relatively successful Walsall manager

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As said before local lad Louie Barry would be great

Bristol is down to the Holden link really. And I assume DC also made some contacts when he was manager of their rivals.

That’s often the case with getting loans from higher above. Coventry got a fair few off Chelsea in recent seasons and that was mainly due to Adi Viveash when he was assistant manager and coming from Chelsea under 21s.

With regards the Villa kids surely one of the CBs is realistic target. Dominic Revan is already 20 and never been loaned out to anyone for some reason. He had a good game tonight so that seems too obvious a target.


I agree.

Our reputation for how we help young footballers get better has gone from top class to pitiful in the last five years.

At Villa, these kids (who were magnificent tonight) will be being coached to play a certain way and be developing at world class facilities in a world class environment.

Being loaned out is definitely a step in that development but you want it to be a learning experience in an environment that may not have the resources but has aspirations around a way of playing that aren’t too misaligned from the parent club so when they return they are richer for the experience.

The lack of continuity and plan at Walsall FC would make me very wary of sending any kid I value. Every match a project followed by three or four mini projects within each match is not conducive to a stable learning experience. Muddled thinking at a club who’s facilities are under water amongst players who can’t trap a bag of cement with a manager who will chuck youngsters publicly under buses to deflect from himself.

I’m grateful for Bristol City. They must see us as a good character building exercise.


Our reputation as a club that develops loan players was probably at an all time low after Keates left. Smith had done really well at acquiring players from Championship level in his early days and bringing them on. From there the quality of loan gradually improved with the likes of Cuvelier and Hiwula coming in from the upper end of the Premier League and then peaked when we got Evans, one of City’s highly thought of youngsters.

From there, Whitney rode the crest of the wave and got in Pennington from Everton. Even the following season we had the likes of Dobson, McCarthy and O’Connell from Celtic. Even the next season we got Tyler Roberts through the door. I’ve no doubt that we got this quality in on loan due to the reputation Smith garnered for the club.

Once Keates came in we had the Fitzwater debacle, as well as Connor Johnson and Corey Blacket-Taylor not getting games, the clubs reputation suffered and the long road starts again from the bottom.

We’re lucky to have Clarke in that respect as he has his own contacts, something that neither Whitney or Keats had


It’s absolutely tragic in this country that most of lot will sit on their cushty youth contracts and not come on loan to the likes of us.

Or, clubs like Villa want stupid fees.

They fought like proper geezers for 60 mins. And it annoys me greatly to praise the villa.

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Villa paid Barcelona £880,000 for Barry last January.
You think they will loan him to us for nothing?
If he does get loaned out it will probably be to a Championship side.


Fair point

What we want is the equivalent of Aidan O’Brian, letting a farmer borrow his star 2 year old for the local point to point meeting.

Ay going to happen.

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