W 1-0 vs Alfreton Town (H) - FA Cup Second Round Replay - Tue 12th Dec, 7:45pm

Genuinely intrigued to see how many of us are attending at £15 a ticket.

I’ve got nothing planned but I’ll definitely be too busy to attend.

Walsall vs Alfreton Town - Match Result
  • Walsall Win 90 mins
  • Walsall Win ET
  • Walsall Win Pens
  • Alfreton Town Win 90 mins
  • Alfreton Town Win ET
  • Alfreton Town Win Pens

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I’ll be there plus 3 more,.

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Not there for obvious reasons. Every confidence in the lads.

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Four of us going

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Is it on the telly?

I’m not. But that’s because, for the very first time, I now qualify for a £10 ticket instead (and yes, I have already got one). :joy:


They’ve been canny with the pricing, which is not something you can often say of Walsall. £25 for myself and two kids is very tempting. I paid half of that for a single KFC meal the other day!

I hope that the players have been told in no certain terms to stop lumping it and pass it around a bit.


Depending on age of the kids you can go to a league game for less or similar than that.


To be fair, I think that the pitch being heavy and bobbly, a bit smaller than average (a postage stamp I believe they said on the BBC coverage - certainly the smallest in the National League), and Alfreton playing aggressive in-your-face tactics when we had the ball (very effectively too) stopped very much proper football happening on Tuesday night, with both teams going for the hit and hope (or throw and hope) approach. There was a lot of safety first going on with our defensive clearances rather than any attempt to play it out properly. It wasn’t pretty.

I’m hoping that we can do a bit better on our own patch - although I still expect Alfreton to be up for it and play it rough and tumble again to try and stop us doing that.


I’m not sure but I wouldn’t have thought so

Might be good to take you birth certificate with you first couple of times in case you are challenged at the turnstiles . Happens to me all the time :smiling_face::wink: since I had my new rug

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There are 5 ties on Tuesday night (FGR’s restaged 1st round game against Scarborough, and 4 2nd round replays). As far as I can see, only Newport vs Barnet appears to be slated for screening (ITV4 & ITVX).

Wednesday night there is just Stockport vs Aldershot (BBC2, iPlayer and the BBC Sport website).

I’m guessing they couldn’t care less about the others.

Whose lads though - ours or Derbyshire’s finest part-timers? :wink:

I’m not quite Peter Pan, but I do get a few “I would never have guessed you as being that old” comments. :baby:

I suppose it’s better than the other way round. My dad’s neighbour used to come to games with us (sadly passed away a few years back). His son lived over near Nottingham so when we played County one time he met up with us. He paid for his dad at the turnstile and the bloke charged them both as pensioners - he was only early 50s. :joy:


I keep getting flashbacks to the dozen times DD lumped it upfield under no pressure :cry:.

I think it’ll also be especially difficult for Alfreton. They have to do their day job then make the journey down.

I wouldn’t have said you were 65. Mind you the lighting was bad at Alfreton :grin:

I hope I don’t - our senior concessions are 60 not 65!! :joy:


Yeah I knew that :wink: only because I qualify from next week :pensive:

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I’m going, for my sins

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