W 1-0 vs Brighton & Hove Albion U21's (H) - Papa John's Trophy Group L - Tue 14th Sept - 7pm

CBA to write pre-matches for this competition, but we welcome the youth of Brighton and Hove Albion to Walsall for this game.

Please note it is a 7pm KICK OFF if you are going.

Anyone going? I probably will, an opportunity to take the Mrs and kids and not spend loads :joy:

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Who cares. Boycott. Wouldn’t even acknowledge it if we went to Wembley.



I agree with the hatred of the U21’s being in, but to be fair to the club they didn’t vote for them to be involved. They voted against it so did all they could as an individual club hence why I will still go on the odd occasion, and would go to Wembley.


Understandable that you can’t be arsed Rob, but 15th August :joy: ?

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Is this not being played on Tuesday 14th September?

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Yeah, I just wanted to get a few posts on such a disastrous competition :joy:

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Hahahaha. Only just noticed this.

Didn’t know we voted against it either @RobHarv3y fair play.

Still though. Getting to he final of this is akin to taking the low offer on the chase and getting to the final of that. No glory.

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I dont know what you’re all on about. Get your eyes tested. :flushed:

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Yes and No.

It would be seriously undervalued if an Under 21 team got to the final - thank God Lincoln beat Chelsea’s kids the other year in the semi - but the prize money on offer for the competition is quite decent for teams like us.

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It’s still showing August :joy::joy::joy:

I shall go I think, although it looks as though I am about 3 weeks too late. Oh well.


Now you’re just lying :joy:

13 posts already on a PJT thread, this has potential to be the longest match thread ever if we keep going.

And I’ve not had a drop all day :smiley:

Why didn’t we play when a lot of the other games were on, was it a fortnight ago, or last week?

A few puns might help

Probably in June according to Rob


The boycott thing is dead in the water now, its here to stay, a sad demise of a niche competition.

Not arsed about the u21s games but i might go if we were playing another league club. I really think they should expand it to include national league clubs personally.

How is it dead in the water @latviancheese ? The competitions attendances have plummeted. Especially the under 21 games. Clubs are constantly recording record low crowds.

Yeah i get that, but to me thats more to do with no one wanting to watch glorified reserve football.

My interest would be in rotation and seeing some diff players play, not much more.