W 1-0 vs Northampton Town (H) - League Two - Tue 4th Oct, 7:45pm

Personally, I think that until the 7th October, all entertainment and enjoyment should be banned. All TV and radio channels should play somber classical music and the internet should be suspended. Only black clothes may be worn and people should work in near silence, only speaking to acknowledge the gravity of the time.

8th October - back to normal :smile:


Completely ridiculous if game is cancelled. Have a sign of respect at the start for those that this is important


Sorry 70 years service to this country to where we are now above the idiots which are our elected leaders from sir winston Churchill to Liz Truss at least we can give one day in the ten days of mourning. From WW2 to now we owe her more than some people will ever realise.

I don’t consider myself a Royalist but surely we can re arrange one day and show respect to the only monarch anyone under 70 has ever known. Credit where credit is due


Does everything else stop and close? Let me know, I could do with a day or two off.

I’m all for mourning and showing respect but you don’t and shouldn’t just close down business for 10 days unless you’re doing it for every business in the country! Football is a business it’s not a leisure activity.


Yes other things should be closing on the designated day however the government will leave it to employee/union/employers to negotiate
Of course this may well be repeated for the coronation. We are not a third world nation who would declare, have declared national days of a shut down

Of course as per the ELF statement the decision is to be taken with consultation with the government and other sporting bodies nobody expects a unilateral decision but what is right, which ever way

If people want to sit at home and mourn, let them. If people want to go to the football, let them.

I don’t see why sporting events should be cancelled for 10 days, when a simple minutes silence, a god save the queen chant and black armbands for both Saturday games before the funeral should be suffice.


The EFL has announced Friday’s fixtures - Burnley vs Norwich and Tranmere vs Stockport - have been postponed as a mark of respect for Queen Elizabeth II. A decision on the weekend’s games will be made on Friday morning, following discussion with the Department for Culture, Media & Sport.

I respect your opinion but believe this is an unique moment in history to be respected
I have to agree to disagree I’m afraid

Of course the occasion is going to be respected, but what does cancelling sporting events achieve?

Every other person in a line of work will be expected to turn up as usual, so why should sporting events suffer?


Well that’s settled then. What conservative politician would take the daily fail flack for playing on Saturday?

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If they cancelled everything else (non essential shops, pubs, cinemas, bowling alleys etc etc) then I might agree, but they won’t.

I respected The Queen but you can’t force people to feel and act a certain way.


Or Labour, to be fair. Even Corbyn wouldn’t have been that saft.

I think it’s right to give her a good send off, but people should be free to join in or opt out depending on their views of it all.

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Actually Saturday is not a day of mourning according to the timetable for for this event. Mourning is suspended for one day as that is the day the new King is proclaimed . There is therefore no reason to cancel any events.
As I have posted elsewhere the Queen had my respect and I support the Monarchy but I would have thought the day of the funeral would be the day when events would be toned down as a mark of respect.


Quick lets have another lockdown.


Dont see the need to bring the country to a stand still because the queen has passed, especially with with current climate with companys struggling to keep there head above water.


Think this is a time businesses (including football clubs) should be open, trading and ensuring their staff are earning a wage. Hope the acute needs of many in the country mean the mourning protocol is modified suitably and we’re all there on Saturday observing an immaculate silence.


A large part of the decision may well be related to policing. The final 3 stages of the Tour of Britain cycle race have just been cancelled: the police have withdrawn support as they are being re-directed to London, with huge crowds expected there. Without police support with road closures etc the race can’t operate. Although football is obviously different, if the EFL and PL find that the police are not available for a large number of matches they may do blanket postponements rather than match by match.


In the financial climate of today the danger with this approach is not every workplace is unionised. How many businesses under pressure will decide to close for the day as it saves on the leccy and staff wages. Staff then forced to have a day off (whatever their views) with a loss of income during a cost of living crisis. Not sure the Queen would have wanted that outcome in her name.