W 1-0 vs Port Vale (A) - League Two - Tue 23rd Nov, 7:45pm

Having played for Luton, Portsmouth, Bolton, West Ham I think he appreciates good away followings because all of those clubs piss on us for Numbers they take away I think he’s using us as a stepping stone and I for one couldn’t care less as Long as when he does leave he’s Left us in league 1

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He’s 100% using us as a stepping stone for his career and I don’t personally see it as any different to the amount of players that have used us for the same benefits therefore we need to enjoy the journey we have with him he’ll be successful as a manager for sure and I’d rather have had him than not have had him here.Totally agree with all you said mate :+1:t2:

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Sound like it’s could be a bit ruff!

At last I’m convinced.
That performance was ace, the sort of gutty determination from a squad we have not seen for more than a year or two. We blew Vale away from the start, they were made to look ordinary.
It has been many years since we have seen our side looking comfortably better than the opposition, and this lot were third (I believe) at the start of the night.
Think that if tomorrows game goes ahead in view of the weather and appalling cold (can anyone imagine a ground being colder than Boundary Park?), we will only draw, which would be a shame, however I truly believe now that we will ‘do a Bolton’ this season.
Have placed a wedge on promotion, no more moaning, if we fail we fail, but I see the start of better things…at last.
Well done the lads, well done Matt (Fullarton? think the juries still out on his contribution)

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Not many years, no, January this year when we were comfortably better than Vale at their place :grinning:

That win was also led Vale into thinking that Clarke would be good for them so even more reason to like that win!!

There are plenty of ex prem footballers that have never had the chance to manage a league club. He’s lucky to have us too.

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If true, he should of sacked him not backed him!

At least one Saddlers fan is happy…


Ha! Well spotted, I guess it pays to be careful what you wish for.
In consolation, they were both cup games though.