W 1-0 vs Tranmere Rovers (H) - League Two - Sat 16th Dec, 3pm

Our last home game before Santa comes and empties his sack across the globe.

I predict a 0-0 bore draw here!

Walsall vs Tranmere Rovers - Match Result
  • Walsall Win
  • Draw
  • Tranmere Rovers Win

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I’ve got a feeling the Trannies will want it more then we will and edge it 0-1

They are in good form but we will end that 1-0.

2-0 and Kieran Morris’s mom to blow a gasket when her boy is hooked early in the second half after failing to impress. :grin:

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1 - 1…

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Villa women on the pitch tonight. Let’s hope that hasn’t taken its toll on the ptch and I really hope we are getting really well paid and it is worth our while letting them use our ground !!!


All thanks to the Mole, his lasting legacy to the club.

I predict a dull as ditch water league two match.

We’ve had some ferocious ding songs with Tranmere over the years and I don t think this one will be any different. No quarter will be asked or given by either side. It may be the season of goodwill to all men but that will be on hold for 90 minutes on Saturday, the points are just too important to both sides.

Think we will need to be at or near our best to follow up the quite superb performance last Saturday at Notts if we want to win 3 on the bounce for the first (and hopefully not the last) time under Mats tenure.

Understand there will be a special visitor too in the undercroft before the game.

Made a similar comment after the Alfreton game on Tuesday.
I said, " well that was pretty much like most of the football I’ve watched over the last 50yrs. With only the odd period/game of thrilling entertainment."

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You sound like a 1930s Pathe News correspondent :joy:. Keep it up Crod :+1:


4:3 last minute winner from the Lord Far … in front of a bumper crowd of 5888 - 467 trannies

Bore draw

What a strange comment to make.

This is only the tenth season in the last 50 years we have played at this level, three of which were promotion seasons, and one a failed play-off campaign. So the 6 seasons of fourth division struggle have been very much outliers in the context of the last 50 years. I would say the mid-part of the 1970’s was light years ahead of this, Buckley in his pomp scoring 20 plus goals 5 seasons in a row, cup runs to the 5th round twice, finishing 6th under Mackay and lots of players that were generally great to watch who are fondly remembered. The early 80’s years of struggle were still played out at a higher level and gave way to three and a half seasons of often sublime entertaining football, I think we scored over a hundred goals a season for two or three successive seasons. The two seasons under Coakley were pretty good so that’s half a decade where watching Walsall was fantastic as was by and large 94-2003. Our demise started in 2007 save for an upward blip under Smith, and has culminated in the ongoing dregs of 5 seasons or so. There’s some very strange justifications of the current crap going on.


Wasn’t attempting anything of the sort.
Just a reflection on a lot of what I’ve seen over the years.
The Buckley years were great, had my best and worst ever games watching Coakley’s team.
Had some highs since and some lows, but a lot of it, as always, was fairly middling.

Sorry, I thought you said an awful Walsall team struggling in the bottom tier, and desperately struggling to overcome a team of mid-table National League North part-timers was

I must get myself to Specsavers then.

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It seems to me that football is evolving into two different games. The sort of very high technical passing football seem at the highest level and the ‘kick and rush’ approach seen lower down

Walsall have had to play the opposite extremes of these styles in its last two games, and by large did far better against Notts County. It suggests to me the club is aiming for higher rather than lower. I don’t understand those who moan about not battering Alfreton. Is that our ambition?

That the team overcame both Notts and Alfreton with their vastly different styles gives Sadler huge credit in my eyes.

Anyway I haven’t the foggiest how Tranmere play so if anyone knows I’d be interested to hear.


But that’s been going on for years. Luton are currently top flight playing a very rudimentary style, it was said of Watford, Wimbledon, Stoke and even Leeds in days gone by. There have always been clashes of styles to deal with. To try and make out its something new that …

…is another example of this ridiculous dolloping of praise at the slightest of achievements. As for how Tranmere play, well not very well would seem to be the answer given that they are currently 4th bottom of the fourth division, and havn’t won away since February. Hopefully Sadler is giving the white board some fervant 'ommer down in Essington as we speak trying to work out how to overcome all their strengths without compromising the committment to front foot blitzkrieg-ball.

Im no expert on Luton, but I think to compare them to Alfreton gives a huge disservice to Luton and is far too simplistic, although I agree they are one of the less techincal Premier league teams.

I think the patterns of play become far more varied and intricate the higher up the league you go, obviously with an accompanying level of technical ability and intelligence of the players themselves.

Geordie I very much respect you as a poster, but when it comes to football you do tend to do say things work as they have done for the last x odd years. I disagree. You only have to look at the state of football pitches to see its very different at now at different tiers of the game. Perhaps if all pitches reverted to the quagmires we saw in the 70s and 80s your point would be more valid.

I refer you to the quote from Dean Holden on the other thread. he says it is a different sport from 10 or 15 years ago, never mind the days of Wimbledon and Watfords heyday.

Tactically, I have been learning a lot. You think you know what you know, but I’m open-minded. It is a different sport than it was 10, 15 years ago. People talk about formations, but there are rotations going on all over the place… *