W 2-0 vs Doncaster Rovers (A) - League Two - Fri 2nd Dec, 7:45pm

Far too many beers in Birmingham last night, apologies for the lack of a preview :joy:

Doncaster Rovers vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Doncaster Rovers Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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First game of the season for me, now that things have finally eased off with work, and this is the most local for me other than Grimsby, so keen to go.
So obviously we’re going to win, 2-1.


Missing this one as I’m watching the mighty Brazil in the World Cup. What sort of a gate are we taking to this? Sure there will be a few like me giving it a wide birth with the Brazilians on the box.

As for the game, think it will be a tough test, the Eco-Power Stadium is never an easy place to go but no reason why we can’t keep up our fine recent run. 2-1 to the good guys.

This is on ifollow, right?


Me and my lad are going. Already sold the initial 400 allocation and there is pay on the day with no price increase so I’d expect 500 at least. Great effort again.

3-2 win. Up the football league we go.


If our away form can capture our home record we would be very well placed in the table and in the play off hunt.
To achieve that one has to be consistent, I believe we’ve done that at home but away from Poundland there’s room for improvement. If we can turn a few draws into wins and get ourselves into the play off picture before Christmas we’ll be in really good shape for the final few months of the season.
I know its taken a few months, but we’re slowly but surely looking like a decent team. The lads know their assignments and how each other plays and they know how MF wants them to play.
It’s encouraging that Wilkinson, McEntee, Riley and Labadie are not that far from full fitness and another headache for Flynn, I’m sure those are the kind of headaches he doesn’t mind having.
We have an almost identical record with Doncaster, and quite frankly, a team we should be confident beating.

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What are you on? :joy::joy:



Yes, the video purchase option is available. I think it would have been anyway as it’s a Friday night rather than Saturday, but all our games while the World Cup is on are shown as available (as they usually are for other “international break” weekends). And the next one after the final is Swindon away on Boxing Day - which isn’t a Saturday so again is available (also expect Stockport and Mansfield will be too but they’re too far away to be shown on the iFollow page of the OS).

The following week will be our 3rd round game against TBA - but the FA Cup isn’t covered so won’t be on iFollow (and probably not sexy enough to be picked for TV). The good news though is that our game at Wimbledon wouldn’t have been available in the UK*, but now will be as a mid-week rearrangement.

  • All Saturday games are available on iFollow if you are outside pf the UK - or appear to be (e.g. using a VPN).

Got my ticket so was planning to go but rerun of Kirsty and Phil in location location location is on so might stay and watch with Mrs HS instead.


You mean to say you are not going to be part of the audience watching Brazil :wink:


We are playing away and I’ve never seen us win on I follow so Walsall loss

Who would you start? Earing over comley for me and bennet rwb over maddox. Knowles back up top if wilko not fit enough

Think we will lose this one, nasty fixture.

Didn’t realise Brazil were playing. Thanks for letting me know. That puts a whole new perspective on things!


Blimey, far too many gynecological references in one short sentence.


Will you still have a debrief ,even though you weren’t watching the match? The thought that a match might pass without undergoing the rigid analysis of Crod et al is worrying me, and, I’m sure, others on here.


The fact he is not seeing the match will not stop him having a debrief…indeed such happenings are better if you don’t see the game !!!

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Have to go to our office in Darligton every couple weeks so was hoping to arrange meetings for Friday so could go on my way back home but didn’t work out so won’t be there unfortunately.

Still I’m going to stick my neck out and go for a Walsall win by an odd goal given the never say die spirit we have now.

I know, I know but if I wasn’t an optimist I wouldn’t support Walsall.

Tough tough match with so many half-injured players.

1 league away win all season dont expect that to change, im going for a score draw. We are all entitled to a blow out @RobHarv3y just make sure you do the match preview first will let you off this time :wink:

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