W 2-0 vs Swindon Town (H) - Carabao Cup R1 - Tue 9th Aug, 7:45pm

Clarke has to be rested surely. Not only two full 90s, but towering performances too.

I’d like to see Abraham given a full run out too, and see what Knowles is about. Comley and Kinsella are probably gasping too after their all action displays so far.

Think a team of:



Riley (if fit)



Or some other formation with the same personal (maybe a 4-3-3) would be interesting to see as a B option to our plan A

Unsure of reason why but this one won’t have video coverage only the audio coverage

Carabao cup isn’t on ifollow, but does anyone know of any live stream platform that it is on?

Dodgy Boxes, sure a few on here can confirm

Johnson may be cup tied?

I didn’t read anything when the deal was made that mentions cup ties. Even so swap him for Williams/DJT I’d still like to see that team.

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How can he be cup tied?

Surely you mean unable to play as part of the loan deal? Which is unlikely due to the fact I doubt Mansfield expect to be in the QF’s come January

Is it on if I’m in the Philippines tomorrow night? Or is it just not available full stop?

You’re probably right, it’s all down to what was written in the loan agreement.

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Full stop on ifollow, sadly.

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They relented during lockdown when all the games were behind closed doors, but that was an exception and they are usually not available.The only reason I can think why a competition under the auspices of the EFL is not accessible via iFollow (the EFL’s own official app) is that the EPL clubs aren’t signed up to it?

They don’t stream the FA Cup games either - https://www.efl.com/how-to-watch/ifollow-and-streaming/

There seems no sense to it does there. It would be extra money coming in.

I’d also like to see housebound people in the UK having access to ifollow generally. Personally, I doubt if anyone would preferentially watch on ifollow, except perhaps to avoid a long journey to an away game. After all, the Premier League clubs still get good gates for the televised matches.

Years ago, the BBC were not even allowed to tell radio listeners which was the commentary game as if anyone would rather listen on the radio than attend.

Did they only have commentary on the second half or have I imagined that? I think I remember back in the 70s it was just the second half, from about four o’clock onwards.
Apparently 5Live have ditched the reading of the classified results this season, considering it unnecessary in the age of the smartphone.

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Yes, that’s right! And even further back, to accompany the commentary, they had a person reading out references to a grid, printed in the Radio Times, to indicate which part of the pitch the action was taking place in.

One good change in i-Follow this year is that, even if one of our games is televised, perhaps more likely than in previous years, it will still be available to iFollow subscribers, although whether that will be the usual single camera or the full works, I have no idea.


Which is where the phrase “back to square one” comes from.

Give a couple of quid to the next down-and-out you see - it might be James Alexander Gordon!

He’s long dead, but I might send Charlotte Green a few quid. First Quote…Unquote and now the footie results, she might be struggling.

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Let’s hope @Welsh_Saddler doesnt follow suit, otherwise we won’t be able to get the scores on a Saturday when logging into UTS :sunglasses:

Also if there’s an agreement for us to sign him in January, club would be very stupid not to insist he can play in cup games.

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there’s some debate about that theory.