W 2-0 vs Telford United (A) - Friendly - Sat 16th July, 3pm

An easy to get to friendly, who’s going?

Might pop along

Bought 3 tickets a couple of weeks ago.

From us or from them?
I had a look but couldn’t see where to get them.

Tickets are available on the Telford United website at AFC Telford United v Walsall FC (ticketco.events)

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For those interested, the Cock Hotel just up the road from the Bucks Head is now a Joules pub. OK if you like their beers but to me not as good as it was when a freehouse with Hobsons Best as the regular (and it’s been revamped with the addition of a large eating area :scream:).

If you want to keep it beer, the Pheasant and Wrekin closer to the centre of Wellington (10-15 min walk) are your best bets. Both now run by Rowton brewery, whose ales I prefer to Joules, but they still have plenty of guests on alongside their own stuff.

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The Boldmere tap is a Joules pub
I was quite disappointed with their beer nothing wrong with it as such just not to my taste

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Thanks mate
Just bought one from the site :+1:

Thanks Andy, that’ll work for me as I’ll be alighting at Wellington station.

Where’s the best place to park for those that have gone before? X

Probably the cemetery :stuck_out_tongue:


Streets next to the ground is where I usually park

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The Bucks Head has a big car park of its own if you turn down towards TCAT and the fire station. The car park on the other side of the stadium is for the hotel only and has active ANPR so give it a miss.

Otherwise there is street parking but not immediately outside the ground, and Regent Street and roads off it are usually packed out at the best of times so probably need to try over the other side of Holyhead Road - or a bit further away (like King Street).

I guess you’re also OK if you leave your car at the Cock if you’re going for a pre-match pint (or the Swan - although why would you???) but can’t swear to it as not parked there recently.

I would love to go but it clashes with my dad’s 92nd birthday who ironically lives 5 minutes from the ground.
As far as car parking goes you used to be able to park on the college site for a small fee when I worked there, but that was a few years ago.
There is also plenty of car parking around the perimeter of Wellington Centre and it’s not too far to walk to the ground.

Some good news - a new microbar opened in Wellington last Friday. The (Wellington) Boot is on the corner of the town square and the approach to the market (near the clock) so not much out of your way if you’re walking from the station to the Pheasant/Wrekin.

Not been in yet but it’s run by the same people who run the Coracle in Ironbridge - another microbar which is pretty good.

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Anyone know if you can pay on the day, or is it all ticket?

Can pay on day but goto go too there ticket office and grab a ticket between 1-3pm…

Excuse for a day out and some beers in the sun…

9-50am train from Walsall should give plenty water hole time

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can buy online and show a PDF on your phone it seems as been debating going myself with weather looking decent