W 2-1 vs Accrington Stanley (H) - League Two - Tue 27th Feb, 7:45pm

Walsall vs Accrington Stanley - Match Result
  • Walsall Win
  • Draw
  • Accrington Stanley Win

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We simply have to win. Without Knowles our attacking threat will be reduced but I think we can still do it. 1-0 will do .


Why is Knowles out?

Haven’t we got him? Too many yellows?

BBC reported that his booking on Saturday was his 10th of the season. If correct I think it means a 2 game suspension.

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Games stats says only Comley was booked?

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We shouldn’t be taking Accrington Stanley lightly. They are a good side with a manager with a lot of nous. This will be a tight game. I’m hoping having Stirk and Tierney as options will swing it in our favour, but have gone for the draw.


Knowles was too toward the end in the corner by us I think

According to soccer base only two bookings one from each side, ours was Comley.

I shall miss Knowles if he’s suspended.

I enjoy his thumbs up to players who have tried to pass to him but missed by twenty yards.

I also like his apologies when he misses a pass. A flat hand in the general direction of the person he was aiming for.

These things happen about a dozen times each in a game.

There is the rare outing of the “double hand” where he will do a thumbs up with one hand and an apology with the other in very quick succession.

And finally, after three apology hands he does the frustrated clap which is one of those where one hand is still and the second had strikes it whilst travelling either up or down.

Don’t know what I’ll be looking out for next Saturday now. Back to watching the traffic on the M6.


Knowles got a yellow right at the end of the Stockport game. Think he might be suspended.

Bookings in the first 19 games of the season are wiped clean and reset.

There’s no way Knowles has 10 bookings.

FotMob has him down as 5 bookings (inc Saturday). There was a period where him Hutchinson Stirk and Mcentee were all playing in the lead up to Xmas on 4 bookings which would’ve meant a 1 game ban.

I can’t see how he’ll be banned as he’s effectively only been booked once since the cut off date.


Yes though I noticed his disgust gesture to the referee :wink:

Try watching the game. Last season it was Williams looking up at the sky which seemed to obsess you :wink:

Think we need to bounce back with a win for this game or I can see confidence dropping ,We are much better to watch now but not convinced we are anything near good enough to make a promotion push, hope I’m proved wrong but you could see the difference at Stockport how good they was even tho they was very much weakened.

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It was indeed. And it was glorious.

The matches are overrated.

The body language and attendant pop psychological analysis of poor fourth division footballers is far more interesting.

Compare a Knowles thumbs up to a colleague who’s missed a pass to him to Danny Johnson. Johnson fumes. No “oh well, thanks for trying here’s a thumbs up for you efforts”. It’s a scowly “what the f was that you useless twit”

Sometimes the sub plots are more interesting than the main narrative.


I might give it a go.

I think the purpose was to avoid doing exactly that.

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Thanks for that. Just shows you cannot believe the BBC. I was surprised when I heard the comment but thought the bloke knew what he was talking about.

Did you just Knowles and attacking threat in the same sentence?