W 2-1 vs Accrington Stanley (H) - League Two - Tue 27th Feb, 7:45pm

Attacking threat requires assists and goals for me how many of each has he got? Its a problem for us we need at least one of our wing backs to be chipping in with a few assists and the odd goal it would make a big difference.

Opta Analyst attacking threat measurement (/100) :-

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I did .He gets us up the pitch and has started contributing well to our attacks. His pace frightens defenders and we have no one else like that. His antics annoy me at times and his final delivery could be better but over the last few weeks he has delivered some good corners . When he doesn’t play we miss him.


I personally don’t think we would miss him if we had an effective Right wing back.

When he tries to run past a defender and forgets to take the ball with him frightens me :laughing:


Lets not forget Liam Gordon did exactly that on an occassion at Stockport as well. Neither lost the ball. Get what you mean but no coincidence the two players concerned, guess when you’re trying to jink and trick your way past players at pace on the wing will happen occasionally.

Actually though Knowles had one of his better games there, but still lots of room for continued improvement, as there is for a lot of our team.

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Definitely didn’t get booked Saturday and only had 7 so far this season…

Wasn’t his red card 2 yellows though (v Swindon). Maybe that’s how he’s up to 10.

Was shown a yellow on Saturday too.

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Yes was booked on Saturday and commentators on ifollow remarked it was his 10th of the season.

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So I make it he has been booked in the following games

Swindon x 2

So that’s 5 yellows and 1 red which was 2 yellows

Looks like the stats in @SaddlerSteve post are counting both the yellows and the red v Swindon. Don’t think that’s right?

The iFollow commentators probably did the same thing so thought he was effectively on 9 yellows by counting 7 yellows and 1 red. I think they are wrong here.

There then seems to be some confusion about whether he actually was booked v Stockport. The ref showed him a card, but doesn’t seem to be in some of the match stats.

Either way I don’t think he is suspended if someone is properly keeping tabs on this.

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What is the rule regarding two yellows (red) in the same match? I’d have though that they are ignored as the suspension is served for that offence, so wouldn’t be counted twice?

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Jesus….it doesn’t matter because cards prior to game week 19 are scrubbed!!


It might matter at some future point though, so I am interested to know the answer to Belph question.

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He did, I saw it

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For five bookings yes, not for ten.

Jesus only has 5 yellow cards anyway.

If you haven’t reached a ban by game week 19 the bookings are wiped. If you get to 5 before that and then get another 5 it’s two games. If you don’t reach 5 but then get 5 post game week 19 it’s a 1 game ban. The previous 1,2,3 or 4 do not accumulate.

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Last season Hayden White picked up four yellow cards by the 19th game.

Once he hit 10 yellow cards after game 31, he was then suspended for two games against Swindon and Gillingham.

Seems all the football sites missed it then.
Still looks like he’s safe from suspension anyway.