W 2-1 vs Carlisle United (H) - FA Cup Round Two - Sat 26th Nov, 3pm

Fair play Rob, wheres that Stafford?

Mere Green mate, went out with the Mrs and a couple of family and they were there, Stephen Ward was there too but he had left by that point


Have a feeling Wilko will be back in the squad for this. Said no comment when I asked about him playing Saturday. Said he couldn’t say! :joy:


Brilliant if Wilko can come off the bench and play a few minutes at the end. Similar timescale to Joe Edwards a few seasons back as he returned v Sunderland in the same round of FA cup.

Perhaps McEntee can get some minutes aswell but presume same backline will be put out which makes sense as it’s in very good form currently, 3 goals conceded in last 6 games.

Don’t forget the rail strikes this weekend folks

They’ve sold 350 so far with tickets available on the day.

Our bits still have tonnes of availability.

Will struggle to hit 4,000 which is a great shame because it is potentially the biggest game of the season. Equally, I get that in the mouth of Christmas, it is a fairly expensive gig in the current climate.

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Not at all. I think Spurs away in the quarter final will be our biggest, not forgetting the wins over Wolves, Albion and Villa in Rounds 3, 4,and 5 to get us there.


Excellent. The signing of Johnson and Bennett in the window a shoo-in.

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Train strike too which makes it a right old ball ache for us. My Wife has the car on a Saturday so it would have to be a bus. Last time we went on the bus I got home at 7.30 pm.

Football on the T.V, save probably £40 + seems more appealing to me, but no doubt George will say he wants to go and off we go catching buses .


It’s an adventure with his dad. Who are you to deny him that? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can’t really argue can I? I mean I put all this in his head. He often asks me why we don’t live in Walsall, I have yet to come up with a satisfactory answer, but that’s another story :rofl:


Philip Larkin’s ‘This be the verse’ does not apply to you!

Not going no trains means a pain in the arse to get there for me as well buses are shite take ages when they actually turn up 2-1 saddlers !!

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It is a shame. I remember back in the FP days, the club used to give vouchers for holders to get priority for tickets to potential big 3rd Round games. This used to boost attendances at preceding league and cup games, although I recall in those days that the FA Cup attendances were always healthy.

Perhaps the Club should do the same: In the event of a win and a big draw, priority to ST Holders and then those who bought tickets for the Rd2 game.


I’d agree with that (but for the purely selfish reason of being unable to attend this weekend). :scream:

ST holders do get priority for cup games, and then (these days) they have a system based on home/away ticket purchase history to decide on staggered priority for remaining tickets. So as long as you show up on the system as having made ticket purchases (including the Rd 2 game) you have a chance if tickets for later rounds are in short supply.

So it is a bit similar to vouchers, except it’s electronic footprint rather than a physical piece of paper.

In terms of priority for a possible RD 3 games, I was suggesting 1) ST Holders, 2) Round 2 attendees, 3) other match purchases, 4) General sale, the purpose being to leverage the Round 2 attendance.

The weakness might be casual cup attendees trumping those that have already bought tickets throughout the season.

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I never get the clamour to get one of the big clubs in the 3rd round (if we get there). To me it means instant defeat and I prefer to see us win. I know it means a good pay day but I hate the thought of going there to lose heavily. It puts me off going.


We’ve won a few third rounds over the years, ManUre being one in '75, and we came close against Leeds in '95, losing in extra time of a replay eventually. We only lost 1-0 to Spurs in '69, and we lost 2-0 to first division Palace in '70, having beaten second division Palace in '68. We beat Charlton in '87, away from home, and lost 1-0 to ManUre in '77, the year they won the competition.
My list is not exhaustive but we’ve done well against big time Charlies in 3rd rounds plenty of times, and I’d love to have a crack at another one this season.
You’re right, it’s a big pay day, a trip to Vanilla Park, or The Arse, or Spurts or one of that lot could (should) change our transfer policy and targets.
But more than that, to me, it’s about the glory. Let’s have a go, and let’s give someone a shock, like we used to, and give everyone a game or two to reminisce about on here for years and years and years. UTS.


Tommy Docherty said after they’d won the final that was their hardest match.

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