W 2-1 vs Mansfield Town (H) - League Two - Sat 17th Feb, 3pm

Mansfield beat Harrogate 9-2 on Tuesday evening.

Walsall win then?

Walsall vs Mansfield Town - Match Result
  • Walsall Win
  • Draw
  • Mansfield Town Win

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Tbf I expect a close game as neither team really score many

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We’re loving a 1-1 at the moment, so I’ll go 1-1 again.


It was a case of Jolly Boateng Weather* for them tonight, but we are Walsall and will keep a clean sheet against them, so a 0-0 draw.

*Sorry, couldn’t resist. I’ll get my coat.

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Reckon Mansfield will go one better come Saturday 1:10 defeat… not sure where the goal is coming from , oh that will be hutch then

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God help us!

It wouldn’t surprise me if we turned up and beat Mansfield on Saturday (No I’m not drunk) God knows we could do with a lift because it is beginning to feel like the second half of last season.


1-5 and the end of MS.

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On the plus side after tonight’s result I would expect another extra 500 paying Mansfield fans at the bescot Saturday :moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag::moneybag:

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Locker should be packed :grinning:

Im not gling sat now… im so bored of this season AGAIN… wish i hadnt renewed my season ticket

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There will be a minimum of 500 LESS home fans so it will be one sided on the pitch and the same in the stands … hope they don’t let that Stags tosser bring his drum :drum:

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Guaranteed a rabbit out of the hat win, then back to mediocrity, sorry, I mean “building”, for another 10 games.


Expecting a comfortable defeat.


We will win this…i believe :grin:

We’ll win Saturday, 4-2 lump on

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We will win Saturday when a decent team turns up and a decent atmosphere in the ground.
What this team needs to do is treat every game as a big game for there professional progression if nothing else…

I have gone for a Mansfield win, we offer no threat whatsoever going forward and we have a habit of looking very vulnerable at the back, especially from set pieces. Whereas Mansfield are scoring for fun.