W 2-1 vs Notts County (A) - League Two - Sat 9th Dec, 3pm

Notts County vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Notts County Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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Earing is back! I think (and have heard others say the same thing) that our drop in form last year was at least partly down to him being out. Let’s hope he can get back up to where he was before the injury.

He’s probably only going to be on the bench at best rather than a starter though, but it could give us a better option than Griffiths, Allen or Comley if we need to shake up the midfield late on.

I think that Tierney has also been a miss recently. Not so sure that the conditions on Tuesday suited his return (nor Hutch - they aren’t the sort of player for physical battle type games as that was), but I’m hoping that Meadow Lane will.

Earing, Tierney and Hutch (with one of his 1-in-5 on-song games) as an attacking midfield trio behind Draper/DJ (or both)? We might start to be entertaining again!

One of our three have dropped out so I have a spare ticket and coach travel with the trust all paid for. If anyone wants it just drop me a dm. Don’t want any money for it. Being picked up from Blocko at 12.30. :+1:


I think we will win this 1-0 UTS

It’s been a lucky ground for us in times gone by so who knows, I can’t say I’m feeling confident given our recent displays but you never know.

I would not mind a slice of luck. In the last two games we have had a clear penalty not given and a perfectly good goal disallowed, allegedly by someone on the half-way line. To paraphrase Napoleon, “d rather have lucky managers than good ones.”


Actually the penalty was against FGR but your point is well made.

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Stand as much chance of winning this as Ramsgate would have playing City at the Etihad!
All this ‘clutching at straws’ rubbish about County having a defensive problem, wouldn’t be as laughable if we could ‘score’ or had actually managed to beat a non league team of part timers from the 6th tier!

We’re easy to score against and wank going forward.

Other than that we’ve bloody got this.


It’s the Walsall way to scrape a draw against a pretty poor team of amateurs, and then win away to a top League 2 side 4 days later!


Don’t see anything other than defeat, the question is by what margin. If Langstaff and Co are on song and we apply ourselves as well as we did in Alfreton it could be an embarrassment. I am probably making this my last away day now until MS has been removed as the depression that follows recent shambolic performance is not good for anyone’s mental health. I cannot believe we can stick with him if defeat at county is followed by more dire rubbish against Alfreton. BB and his fellow “investors” need to step up and realise the damage this current football debacle is doing to their long term investment.

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I think we will lose at Meadow Lane but I do not see why the performance at Alfreton has led to all this vitriol. Barrow lost to Maidstone, Reading lost to Eastleigh and so on. On a poor pitch, on a cold night against a physical team with a long throw expert, it was a recipe for a defeat. It was a dreadful game but they are usually lost by the players not being up for it, which was not the case with us. I was pleased we came out with the draw and no major injuries.


I’m surprised you think the vitriol is based on one game.


5-2 to County.

Chance for them to avenge that 5-1 we handed out under Smith with the Brandy hat-trick. We should have scored double figures that day.

4-0 to The Saddlers. DJT hat trick…

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I’m sitting here waiting for a knock on the door from the men in the white coats after buying 5 tickets for Notts this morning.


I’m gewin.
Got to support the lads.
My first manager was Alf Wood and I’ve only ever booed one (that was Chris Hutchings) Though I have to admit I would’ve booed Dave Mckay had he had the nerve to turn up after signing for the Arabs and leaving us with half a team just before the start of the season.


I’m looking forward to going but it’s more about the day out rather than the game, hopefully it won’t be to embarrassing as I’m going with Villa fans

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Would be so Walsall to go here and win 0-1…

Nah 4-1 defeat.

Notts do concede some joke goals but I think the state of the 11 is currently so bad the team will just be sent out in damage limitation and just won’t cross the halfway line enough to seriously test it.

Sadler would certainly take another 0-0 but can’t really see much chance with what they have upfront and they score plenty at Meadow Lane.

The 5-1 in 2014 my favourite ever Walsall away game, Brandy was amazing with his hat-trick and it was a superb team performance, a Dean Smith team at its very best. I miss those type of Saturdays.

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You’re gonna have to wait a little longer. They’re a little preoccupied making an urgent visit to ProfessorPeach…