W 3-1 vs Hartlepool United (H) - League Two - Sat 26th Feb, 3pm

Preview to come later….

Walsall vs Hartlepool United - Match Result
  • Walsall Win
  • Draw
  • Hartlepool United Win

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Can Ledesma play?


I voted for a pool win - purely on the basis that I’m always wrong in these things.

What a cameo that was!

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Well I won’t be there as I am in Belfast going from one sinking ship to another, visiting the Titanic museum. I really hope the performance is an improvement from Tuesday’s rubbish.


1-1 Draw


I have gone for a narrow, seat of the pants 1-0 win, with O.G. giving us the 3 points

2-0 win

Miller and Earing.

4459 in attendance

The team will be interesting. Surely Menayese needs a rest. Leak or 4-4-2? Will Rodney start or Tomiln if he signs? Labadie? Is Devine fit?

Welcome back to the drum banging, monkey hanging Pool fans, its been a while. Would still like someone to explain to me why teams that drop out of the league come back with a drum. 4866


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Really think there wil be a reaction to Tuesday night. 2-0 Saddlers.


Everyone going I implore you to back the team, new gaffer and his first home game let’s show him the quality of our support.


Your posts are becoming more embarrassing by the day.
Give it a rest.

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Harsh. It’s what the crowd turn up to do so he’s only stating the obvious!


…Why is it embarrassing to want to support the team?

I’m so confused.

Embarrassing to suggest that people going to the game would be doing anything but.

Our supporters have been fantastic, given the shit they have had to put up with over the past few years.


I echo that, Belphegor.

I’m not going to predict the outcome of the game, I’ve been wrong most of the season.
Whatever we do tomorrow, I hope there’s no more embarrassing the fans like they did on Tuesday. I’ve not seen us hammered like that for a long time and I don’t wish to repeat the process anytime soon.

Tomlin signed and Flynn hoping he can play tomorrow

Devine out for three to six weeks, that’s unfortunate

Very diplomatic way of saying he was shite on Tuesday, leave him out :grin: :wink: