W 3-1 vs Oldham Athletic (A) - League Two - Tue 19th Oct, 7:45pm

Seems a bit absurd now, a time when us and Manchester City used to care about each others results :grinning:


I wonder how many on here remember the " when they asked me , I told em Oldham " car battery adverts.

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After our win at Blackpool in 1999, On the night the first bar we went in was owned by Man City fans. Started off well until they started getting all cocky and arrogant. " We shouldn’t be playing teams like Wycombe" I swear they said that. They didn’t realise the irony to come :grinning:

That’s how I remember it, being to the right of the goal for the Walter Otta game, and then more central for the next few visits.
I think we played them on a Friday night (might have been a Tuesday but I think it was Friday) in 97-98 the week before Xmas, and it was 0-0, and cold. But not as cold as the 0-0 over Xmas during the Graydon play off season. That would be one of my coldest and most miserable games.
We didn’t play them for years, apart from our brief visit to Division 2 under Tom Coakley. They were quite good for a long time, under Joe Royle, and they played in the Prem for at least 2 seasons, so they were mostly off our radar.

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That game under Coakley. Our coach broke down, and then managed to get lost. Oldham must be one of the easiest grounds to get to but our coach driver managed to take us to Old Trafford! They were playing Villa the same day if I remember rightly.

We finally got there at half time and were 3-0 down. There was only me and my Dad off the coach that went in the game.

I think I am thinking of the same game, it was around bonfire night because on the way back you could barely see 5 foot in front of you it was so foggy.


Wow, that is spectacularly bad. How did he manage that? I’ve made some terrible directional misjudgements when driving to away games, but I’ve never ended up at a ground in a different town. :smiley:

I can’t honestly remember how it happened, I was only about 14 at the time, was a long time ago. It definitely happened though !

Was a coach that ran from the Miners Arms in Rushall. They didn’t run for much longer after that :grinning:

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I remember that.

There’s been a few idiots who have tried over the years and have been swiftly ejected with a few bumps and bruises as a memento :wink:

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Gone for a draw, if anything 0-0 again

Think we will struggle with fitness on Tuesday after last Saturday’s performance at Leyton Orient and with our paper thin squad the same legs will be asked to go again on Tuesday at Oldham and then will need to go again on Saturday v Barrow

Think this could be our Achilles heel

I remember it too, was bonfire night so the fog was supplemented by smoke from bonfires.

Was that plastic pitch and we were all over the shop for that first ten minutes. Three down and Walsall fans asking the stewards to let them out. The away end was an open end it was cold and people just wanted to get back to the pub. The stewards eventually let people out at about 3:20.

We saw the game out and then drove home in that fog. As we got closer to home and lost the ability to follow the tail lights of the car in front, I had to get out and walk in front of the car. Was like a horror movie.


My mate and his dad went to Derby County by mistake, when we were playing away at Notts County.
Parked the car and were walking to the ground, when they realised what they had done. :grinning:

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Probably couldn’t find the pub again.

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In car to Wigan once decades ago, we saw a crowd, parked up and walked up to ground. We were thinking blimey this is a fair crowd. Got to turnstiles only to find out we were at Central Park (rugby ground) not Springfield Park. At least we were in the right town! There was about 18,000 at the rugby and 1800-odd at Springfield Park


Would perhaps mix up the forward line a bit, hopefully Wilkinson deemed fit enough for an hour and seems Shade did well as sub on Saturday so perhaps might get a start although Phillips probably more likely to stay in.

No need to change the defence which bar horribly defended corner v Salford has look pretty decent last two games so something to build on.

I remember getting the bus from Northampton town centre a few seasons back. Had to get it at 2.55pm due to terrible service in two of the pubs I was in but saw floodlights from the train station and assumed it was Sixfields.

Was about to get off when realised no one was around and it was home of Northampton Saints…so got there 5 minutes later and it was already 1-1 after 10 minutes (think Oztumer scored after 80 seconds).

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Looking on their forum (and by the way, if you under-appreciate UTS have a look on there for 5 minutes and see how bad it could be!) their best centre half is out and they are worried about “any aerial threat” we may have.

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Who’s that @el_nombre mcgahey or pierganni?

Piergianni is absent

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Always annoyed me when their ‘tune’ was ‘The boys in Blue’ (Cannon & Ball) I loved C& B and jigged around to the tune only to realise that I was jigging to Oldham’s theme tune as they jogged out.
Hoping for three points but fear Oldham have turned the corner and tomorrow may be a bit tougher than anticipated. Just hope we don’t produce a display like ‘that’ 0-2 Tuesday a few years ago when the home fans were laughing and sarcastically jeering at our ineptitude.
How is it that we always seem to play Oldham on a Tuesday night these days? Is this fixture written in stone prior to the fixtures being released by the EFL?

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