W 3-1 vs Tranmere Rovers (A) - League Two - Sat 6th April, 3pm

Tranmere Rovers vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Tranmere Rovers Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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2-1 win to keep our play off hopes alive

Im going to be sensible and abandon my 5-0 predictions. So I’ll go with 3-2 still a 5 goal thriller.

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1-1 bore draw, we’ve lost our mojo I’m afraid , too many injuries and players not performing :man_shrugging:

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Shame there are train strikes for this, would have took slightly more i reckon.

Gone for a win against my better judgement. 1-0.

Uneasy feeling about this one. I feel the wheels are about to detach. 3-1 reverse sadly.

I feel the team have fell away ‘form-wise’. Injuries to Earing and Knowles, plus those coming back being under-cooked. 2-0 Tranmere (hope I’m wrong).

I agree just hope we can hold things together for last few games and maintain a reasonable finishing league position .and not capitulate.playoffs we’re lost few weeks back .not gonna get too down but opportunity missed .onward and forward.


Think this will be a tough game, if our midfield fail to turn up again. It could be curtains just hope we dont get derail, or drawn or pulled all over the place. I have a open mind but some days i have a closed mind.

Doesn’t seem to be much positivity in the posts above so far. Yes, we haven’t played great for a few games now, and we are struggling with some of the players who are missing from injury, but we have 6 lots of 90 mins to go and if we treat each one as a game at a time and give it our best shot on the pitch, you never know! Home form will be key, as others have pointed out on the threads but if we can get a few points away too, despite our away record not being that great, then who knows.

I think we’ll get a point at prenton park, 1-1, then sets up donny away on Tuesday as another 90 mins to do our best to get a result from.

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Currently, gale force winds are predicted for Saturday afternoon.

There arent any train strikes that will impact a journey from the Midlands area to Liverpool as far as I am aware mate


Can make any game a lottery.

People will remember Ince’s kick going out for a corner at Yeovil but the worst I saw was Grimsby away years ago where one of their corners didn’t make it into the box and the biggest threat on Wacka’s goal was when he took a kick and it turned round in mid-air and came back at him at twice the speed. The roof on B’hams ground was blown off that day.

No way games should go ahead in such conditions, dangerous for both players and spectators.

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There was a game in the 70s when part of the main stand roof at Fellows park got blown off.
From memory it was a night game v Gillingham.


It was

Oh dear KING you seem to be getting soft in your castle. Only the other week you wanted a match off because it was forecast that Walsall might have a thin covering of snow, then you supported calling a game off because there was a puddle in goalmouth. The season would never end if you were in charge.As someone brought up in the days “chopper” Gutteridge, Colin Taylor , Tony Richards and folk like George Kirby you youngsters worry me a lot. You are just softees…no backbone I regret to say :grinning:

Play on.


Don’t forget, every time a member of the royal family have a birthday the country should come to a standstill and sporting events should be cancelled, according to Croddy.

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