W 3-1 vs Wrexham (H) - League Two - Fri 29th Dec, 7:45pm

Wonder if Reynolds and McElhenney are coming to the game? Some beautiful sights in Walsall for them to behold.

Walsall vs Wrexham - Match Result
  • Walsall Win
  • Draw
  • Wrexham Win

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Feel like this is going to be a cracking game.

Would love to get another win, but a draw needs to be minimum.

I think we will win this even if McEntee isn’t fit. 1-0 to the Saddlers.

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Biggest game since we came down to league 2
Huge team big following massive players for this level and the fairytale owners we all dream of! Xxx
I expect close to a sell out and if ryan is there expect the excitement to spread throughout the ground
Huge game and any result against these would b e massive when comparing the size of the 2 clubs!
I can’t wait to see the bescot full and rocking for this x


I would take a 0-0 draw but i expect a few goals 3-2 either way but it will be an entertaining game with a bumper crowd.

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Should be at least 8500 I would think.

Fixed that for you :wink:

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Really hope we can beat these, as I hate all the publicity they are getting since they were taken over, just like the dogheads down the road, now all of a sudden they have fans crawling out of the woodwork saying they’ve supported them for years / all their lives but have only gone back because of all the money being chucked at them…makes me puke :face_vomiting:

Can you tell I’m jealous or what :nauseated_face:


I think we’re all a little envious of clubs with new owners splashing the cash about, wish it would happen to Walsall. Well, it did, kinda. Just not on the scale we see today. Anyone remember Terry Ramsden?
We will have to be at our best to get a result on Friday, we can’t be afraid of them otherwise we will fold very quickly. Exploiting their weaknesses and playing like we did in the 2nd half against County will have the fans off their seats and the stadium rocking.
It should be fun, anything approaching 9000 would create a wonderful atmosphere and put a few bob in the coffers.

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Must score first just before halftime.

No big deal whether we win lose or draw. It’s just another game, the main thing is we keep improving and get to a point where half decent performances become the norm.


Huge team? I can’t remember them bringing more than 400 to Walsall.

They aren’t a bigger club than Walsall in reality, got a bit more to do before they can claim that.

I’m going to see Walsall, not Ryan.


Saddlers fans will be forgiven for having more than half an eye on the executive boxes. There is no doubt the bumper audience is expected us because of the huge travelling gate from North Wales and the intrigue of the circus that comes with Wrexham these days. Even Cockney Bob asked me if I could get him a ticket for this game.

I think we will have to raise our game to get a positive result but recent form particularly at home suggests we can do just that. I’m going for a famous 2-1 Saddlers victory and the play off push is well and truly on.


With McEntee out, we are going to have to change the side. We are going to miss him at the back - Williams or Okagbue at the back? Or even Allen?

It could be that Tierney is back in contention. Either way, I expect an open game which could be the cue for DJ to play, although I expect to see Draper and Matt again up front.

A draw would be a good result.

Do Williams as a direct swap for McEntee, or Allen as the left sided CB and DD and the Priest shuffle over one? Or, more radical, switch to a back 4?

I would play Okagbue. More up to speed than Williams who has had no minutes for over 2 months now.
Okagbue not brilliant but has played during our recent better defensive form.

Was it a concussion that he was taken.off for (after his earlier clash of heads with Knowles) or something else? He wasn’t even on the bench yesterday so will Friday be too soon for a return?

Dave has to come back in really for Osh. Harry and Mayo just won’t be match fit. Apart from that change I’d go with the same team.

Anyone heard anything about Mayo? Not seen him for weeks. Injured?

Playing well and not getting thrashed Will be a fantastic result against a team we are all envious of
I’ll be happy with a Battling loss but a draw could be the result of our time in league 2? Who have we played who are bigger? Honestly believe in 3/4 years time wrexham will be championship easy

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