W 5-0 vs Kidderminster Harriers (A) - Sat 24th July, 3pm

A short trip to Kidderminster Harriers for what seems to be the coolest day of the week according to the weather (scheduled to be 20 degrees, with thunderstorms!).

A good opportunity to see the lads in the flesh again, and perhaps with it creeping up to the start of the season, an opportunity to maybe understand who is likely to be in our starting XI.

As a few other posters on here have mentioned, the food appears to be well worth investing in here also!

Who’s going? I’ve got my ticket sorted today.

Yes! First live Walsall game since…January 2020. :roll_eyes:

Never actually been to see a game at Kiddy so looking forward to it. Probably pre match drinks down in Worcester and then get the train up.

Should be a decent test…wasn’t that long ago they were in league 2 themselves and should get back into national league next few seasons I’d like to think.

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Makes two of us

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Remember winning there in the League Cup in Graydon’s third season. In fact, I wrote the match report for UTS.


Kidderminster BR station is close to Aggborough (only about 5-10 minutes walk) but even closer is the Severn Valley Railway terminus (they used to share car parking with the stadium - not sure if they still do) so if you switched your pre-match drinks to Bewdley you could travel in style. BTW There is a decent bar at Kidderminster SVR station if you are into real ale (it has been the local CAMRA Pub of the Year).

Leaves Bewdley for the return journey at 3.05pm so would miss most of the first half (although since when has that actually mattered for away games?! :joy:) Going with a mate so will park at Stourbridge Junction so will probably just get that weird shuttle train and have a swift half in the Mitre inn afterwards to hopefully celebrate a decent result in first live match for 18 months. :+1:

Is the Mitre the one where you can stick your pint glass on the wall? Been a few years since I’ve been drinking in Stourbridge.

No, that was The Somerset House in Enville Street. It closed down a few years ago. I understand it’s reopened as Lockside Steak House recently. The Mitre is the one by the clock in town.

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I knew I had been to Kiddy a few times before. Beat them in a friendly when Merson was manager I think, and I have it in my mind I have been to another pre-season friendly but can’t remember when.

I had completely forgotten about that cup game for some reason. Good following we took, made a great atmosphere. Was it Byfield who scored a late goal? Think it was the first leg but I can’t remember the second leg at all.

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It was a late Byfield goal and the away end was completely packed! I’d forgotten it was a second leg, we’d drawn the first leg 1-1. Think Jan Molby was their manager at the time.

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Ah it was the second leg that’s right. Strange how that one slipped from the memory. Good times they were.

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Swindon away that season was superb. Outplayed them wearing purple.

I remember it well. 4 of us in the back of an Escort Van. My Dad called in WM after the game raving about Graydon. He didn’t stay on long as he’d had a few beverages and got a bit carried away :rofl:

In many ways you could argue our squad was stronger that season than the 98/99 one, but we lost our way during that season and had some really disappointing performances. Swansea away sticks in my mind but there were many others. The signing of Goodman really rescued the season as it seemed to be slipping away from us after such a great start.


I went to that one, it was Boxing Day at the Vetch. We were awful.

Yeah, was early part of 2000 promotion season. They’d actually just been promoted to league for first time in history, had Barry Horne in their midfield!

Won that just and then played West Ham next round and lost to the late goal from 18 year old Jermaine Defoe.

Says it all I can remember it reasonably clear 21 years on yet if you ask me about all the cup games in last decade all I can recall is 15/16 games and then losing to Newport one season under Whitney. Wouldn’t have a clue what the cup games were last season without looking them up.


There’s also a pub on the ground itself The Harriers Arms.

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Second round was two-legged back then, Defoe scored his first ever goal in the first leg, at Bescot, which also saw the appearance of a streaker who “entertained” us with some one-armed press-ups.
The second leg at The Boleyn was a 1-1 draw and we outplayed them, I think we had 19 corners or something like that, and Pedro hit the bar in the last minute (hit his shot into the ground and it bounced up and hit the woodwork, iirc) so we didn’t get the extra time we deserved.
One of the best performances I can remember from a Walsall team, even though the result didn’t quite go our way.


We should also have beaten them in the game with the Charlie Tarmac own goal. :see_no_evil:

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We did 2-1

Yes but we lost the 2-legged tie because of it.