W 6-1 vs Grimsby Town (A) - League Two - Mon 1st Jan, 3pm

Happy New Year

Grimsby Town vs Walsall - Match Result
  • Grimsby Town Win
  • Draw
  • Walsall Win

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You can pay on the day can’t you, just a £2 increase? I’ve a feeling this is going to be a 0 - 0 or 1 - 1 but hopefully we can carry on from where we left off on Friday :crossed_fingers:

Just hope we go there with confidence and positivity and belief to get a win after the performance against Wrexham.and not a mindset of defence and keep it tight hope for something.

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Must not lose.

Would take a draw being away after the excellent win the other day. Just don’t lose, let’s keep this positive atmosphere and confidence growing.

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Credit to anyone making this trip (whatever happened to local games over Xmas/New year?).

Will go for a solid 1-1.

I hope so, that’s my intention to pay on the day

Hard for the players after a high-profile with tons of atmosphere to go to Grimsby with a number of injuries. If we can avoid defeat, it will be a job well done.

We go there in good form and after Friday confidence must be sky high so hopefully we don’t have another Accrington moment.
The Wrexham game will have taken an awful lot out of the players and the danger is that it catches up with us.


I hope for a win but I think after the “high” on Friday it will be difficult so I have forecast a draw.

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Lots of players out injured though and if Draper cannot play, we are struggling a bit.

Its going to be 5C, wet, with the wind coming off the north sea in Cleethorpes tomorrow night.

Can the lads do it on a cold night in Cleethorpes?

A draw will be a good result here I think. They will be up for it I’d think after a good win too.

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Play a 5-3-1-1. Absorb pressure and nick a goal.

Oh dear I hope it’s not “terrible condition to play a football match there used to it “:wink:

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Are you thinking that Earing needs resting?

Hopefully they will get it done in the afternoon.


Could be a lot of time added on.

It doesn’t sound like conditions are going to be great and we all know poor playing conditions are one of Sadlers pet hates. Fair play to those going, with wild New Year celebrations planned later even Walsall won’t stop me from enjoying the best night of the year so I’ll probably listen to it on the wireless tomorrow.

As for the game, after the herculean effort on Friday and wild celebrations post match I think it will be tough to get up for this fairly humdrum fixture just a couple of days later. I’d snap your hand off for a point and keep this fantastic recent run going and the playoffs within our sights.

Ishmel Demontagnac might be the coach driver so who knows what time they will get there.