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Waiting game


Keates in no rush to sign players playing a waiting game that means we will left the dreggs


Whitney said the same and got pelters.


Didn’t agree with them then either. It’s code for we can’t afford our top targets. Every Walsall Manager will be forever in the same boat.


Yep, I agree. This isn’t the fault of any manager. We can’t keep going with managers having their hands tied. Bonser out.


I for one am pleased the attitude and focus seems to be shifting away from the manager on certain issues and to the board simply because people like Keates.

I defended Whitney on a number of topics who, I felt at times, was an easy human shield for the people that really hold this club back. We may or may not have discussed philosophical differences on this in the past haha :wink:


It’s trickle down isn’t it. There’s 60-70 odd clubs in the Football League in a better position than us when it comes to the transfer window, so we fight for the scraps regardless of who the manager is.


No idea what you’re talking about :rofl:


Because we will miss out on decent players who will go elsewhere for better contracts we will pick up players what no one wants simple pal


Everybody knows that. Point is, you can change the manager all you want the message will always be the same because of how this club is run. Whitney using almost the exact same wording as Keates 12 months ago proves this.


Why don’t managers tell the truth and say most of the players we have no chance of getting we will have to have players no one wants


Isn’t it obvious why a manager can’t say that? :thinking:


They understand the restrictions they have to work within when they take the job and they have to toe the party line. Occupational hazard for a Walsall manager.


I’ll post a cryptic message when I find out who we are after :upside_down_face:


Yeah I’m sure the players we do get will be really inspired by that.


I’m as ■■■■■■ off as anyone with the running of the club, but I’m not sure this is an example of it. People make unreasonable demands,you face them down. It would be a fact of life,even if we were in the Premiership.


I’d say 6 of one and half a dozen of the other to be fair. The budget does restrict us going out and getting whomever we want but there is a reason why so many clubs, much bigger than ours, are still doing deals at 11:59 on transfer deadline day.


I’d imagine having an extra £450,000 to spend would help us get a better quality of player sooner.


Maybe. But ,at this point in the transfer window, agents would just be demanding more.


I’m certain an extra £450,000 would make a significant difference to our transfer policy, even in January.


Even if it just paid for 3 £3000 a week players. That’s a top earner at the club and plugs gaps with actual quality at this level.