Walsall Fan appreciation post

I think you need to take your avg away attendance over the season, rather than just 1 local game

Close to a 120 mile round trip and £25 to get in , incredible support under the circumstances.

Shame you couldn’t be arsed to go.

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Okay, fair enough, what is our average away attendance compared to other teams in the division? I genuinely don’t know, but I bet our position on that table is way higher than our position in the League 2 table. And when you consider size of club, compared to some e.g. Bradford, Swindon, and the crap that has been gone through for yet another season, it is very impressive, the support given. I don’t think many would or could argue with that.
I have a few mates who support others L2 teams, e.g. Carlisle, Salford and they regular comment how impressive it is when they hear or see how many away fans we take to a game.

Just under 700. I think we are 6th ( ish) in the away table.

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So basically us fans are in the play off places .
Shame about the team .


And I bet none of the other 5 have 2 premier league and 2 Championship clubs within a few miles of the ground.


Talking of fans it was my nephews first game at Hereford today, said there was about 15000 there against Gateshead, which they lost 2-0
They play Kidderminster on Tuesday and it is a sell out with over 4000 expected.
He just rang to say that he was on the bench with Zeli Ismail and Maz Kouhyar and told them that a few years ago he was on the terrace shouting abuse at them :joy:


Hang on… thought our fans were toxic?

It takes a special kind of fan to support Walsall given the size of the clubs in close proximity to us. I talk to the Villa and Wolves fans at work and they’ve said similar about me supporting Walsall. It’s a shame some of our own fanbase can’t see that.

As a fanbase we deserve better.


Always the fans that are the first to make every excuse in the world for the club being shite too.

To be fair it’s not just that they’re Premier League and Championship clubs, Villa Wolves and Albion are massive clubs with huge followings. It’s why I’ve never been that keen on Villa. Their fans are the first to bang on about supporting their local club, not being a glory hunter. But that’s exactly what they are, regional glory hunters. Most of them have to drive past three bastards grounds to get to their “local club”.

Walsall fans are built differently.


We are ‘special’ in many ways

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The fans have been superb this season but patience is definitely wearing thin now with all at the club.

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Mansfield away was always going to be well attended in fairness.

Think first season down here it was stopped because of lockdown and last season BCD.

Not visited Field Mill for years and pretty local up the A38 so didn’t surprise me nearly 1k there as new ground for many.

I think generally over last few years it’s just fans hoping for something new or different. Remember well over 1k at Northampton in first game with Pomlett as figurehead. Then not far off 6k for Forest Green a week later.

In a league with largely minimal away support I’d be interested to see how high up in average away attendance this club is, was always a table when in league 1 and would certainly be higher than the on the pitch league position.

Just another thing those at the top take for granted I’m afraid. If there had been no live football for over 12 months I suspect crowds home and away would be 300-500 lower considering some of the rubbish played on it and lack of hope things will get better anytime soon.

That’s a big temporary stand they had to quickly put up!!:joy::joy:


Has Ismail actually dropped down that far so quickly? At least Maz has an excuse with the bad injury he got.

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Yep, and he was a sub today.

That was amazing support today considering how below average we are. The Mansfield fans around me clapped when our away attendance was announced, I couldn’t understand why but to be honest our fans were superb throughout and really added to the atmosphere. I don’t really like sitting with the home fans but I do kind of like viewing our club as a whole from the oppositions side. Today our fans where excellent, our footballers bang average and that’s being kind. The best bit for me was hearing the Stags cheering White for a driving run taking on a couple of their players, I know it was sarcasm towards an ex player but it did make me laugh. I drove past the white swan in Pleasley on my way to Mansfield, it was great to see a coach load of Saddlers enjoying themselves leaving the pub and fair play for drinking in Pleasley, not somewhere I’d personally recommend lol.


Nearly 900 and no one I spoke to on the way or outside the ground were expecting to see a goal let alone win - still there though

Walsall aye we


I get the applause for a good away following.

A relatively new phenomenon but I really appreciate it these days when an away team brings around a thousand to our place. It adds so much to the atmosphere and occasion.

I think it is because we now play so many nouveau league clubs that the away end looks like a morning session on day two of a championship cricket match a lot of the time.

Very few of the traditional and established league clubs would have ever brought less than a hundred. Maybe a Darlo or Colchester on a Tuesday night. But Saturday afternoons and 300 to 400 at this level was normal with some bringing many more. Swapping out the likes of Notts, Wrexham, Chesterfield etc for the likes of Crawley, Harrogate and bloody Salford means that I think the old guard are appreciative of their traditional peers who have an established away following which runs into hundreds rather than tens. It’s just better.


At The Boleyn in 2004 when the away following was announced, the West Ham fans were rolling on the floor laughing and taking the piss. :rofl: I thought it was a decent turn-out, considering. About 400 to 500, iirc, maybe a few more.

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