Walsall FC: Half Term Report

Coming up to halfway through the season, here is your opportunity to write a school-style report on our season so far, complete with grading.

The floor is yours, I’m looking forward to reading these.

I’m a big fan of Matt Taylor, but that’s because I don’t get enough exercise.

The trajectory is upwards, the passing is getting crisper and faster. It’s been very reminiscent of Smith’s days, where the basics have been worked on, even if the results don’t show much improvement yet.

We clearly need to sign a striker, goalie and central defender permanently. We could get Meyanese and Miller, but Rushworth won’t sign.

If I had any criticism it would be the absence of a plan B. Perhaps that will come in time an MT is still trying to implement plan A.


Team 3/10
Management 1/10

Room for improvement from both camps. Things looked better from the team on Saturday.
We shall see what improvements the mangement make in the usual January transfer window fiasco. Is Osei Yaw still available?



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Atmosphere C+

Team D-

Manager C-

Board E

Almost exactly as predicted in the summer. Hasn’t striven to better themselves, but their attendance and participation rate has actually been impressive in the face of Covid and some less than encouraging exam results. Field trips have been a particular highlight in this department.

Poor planning continues to let the student down, with huge gaps in preparation of certain areas with plenty of time to adjust.

Must try harder.

Surely 1/10 is a bit harsh. :joy:

Matthew is new to the school and has quickly become a very popular member of the class.
His general enthusiasm cannot be faulted but he perhaps needs to vary the content of his English essays more and has thus far shown little interest in the possibilities of number combinations during Maths.


Considering we have some real teachers on here I’ll wait to see their report. :grin:

Must do better.

Mostly guano.

Go on then…1.25/10, Taylor got it reasonably right at the weekend (only cus he was forced to!)
We’ll see what Fullarton brings to the party in January, if, as usual it’s zilch, he should be extricated from our boardroom along with the other two superstars.

I have criticised performances, especially when we travelled to Carlisle and Hartlepool and the likes, there have been some poor performances at home against poor opposition, BUT we are only 5 points off the play off places, WE have a young manager learning by his mistakes, that will take time and i think he will become a decent manager, WE have players that are taking their first steps into men’s football Earing, Phillips, Shade, Menayese, Rushworth, so things will be inconsistent, so people give ya head a wobble and lets hope the New Year brings us better things and more consistent performances as these players get used to playing men’s football and that Fullerton fulfills his roll and get’s us 2 Centre Forwards of our own and NOT loans. MERRY CHRISTMAS


Matthew works hard in class and some of his projects have shown real promise. He is very good at public speaking and has been asked to speak in front of the whole school during morning assembly, which he has demonstrated a real talent for.
His maths work has been improving, but I would like to see more consistency in his exercises. He always hands in his homework on time, unlike some of the older boys who really should know better. Unfortunately, he has not got the marks that he would wish, but this has shown steady progress of late.
PE is something that Matthew really enjoys, and I believe he has been in charge of an after-school football team, which I hear has been doing ‘OK’.
A good effort in Matthew’s first term, and I expect further progress to be made after the Christmas school panto.
Effort B+, Attainment C-


Performances 5/10
Results 6/10
League postion - as expected
Recruitment 6/10
Manager 5/10

Slow start but gradually turning things around. Reasonable happy.

Tries hard to be satisfactory but could do better with more effort.
Combining all the terms prohibited by the Head in my first teaching post in 1972.

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The wheel is turning but the hamster is dead

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Bastard’s took all the fun out of it.

Peer reviewed? :grin:

Must try harder.

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I don’t see too many of those players being responsible for our inconsistency.

Matthew clearly has ability. Given that the school remains on special measures we should manage our expectations of him accordingly.

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