Walsall Football Club Supporters Working Party Meeting


So basically one fan group who claim they are the only true religion and speak on behalf of ALL fans are arguing with another group who claim that actually it’s they who are the only true religion with the right to speak, while the vast majority of fans aren’t in either group and couldn’t give a toss? Splitters!

Anyway, on the question of which self-righteous body who thinks they speak on my behalf has actually done anything - which of them attempted to get a bigger voice by buying shares so they could go to club AGMs (although much good that has been!), got the council to list stadium as a community asset so it couldn’t be sold behind closed doors (although the owner has never given any indication that he was ever likely to do so), and also been badgering the council to take over ownership of the stadium (presumably so that they can charge us a market rent instead) - and which of them hasn’t but is obviously the better body to make the world a better place?



Many people have joined them to try and bring about change. They all end up leaving. Just accept the Trust is finished as a group representing fans and serves only for themselves and Sierra Leone.



This no one gives a toss about the trust anymore sad but true.

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Which is it mate? All singing all dancing force for good or embarrassing grandstander throwing it’s weight around? :joy: