Walsall making moves!

Looks like he got a haircut off the self-service til advisor whilst awaiting approval for something, probably involving a phone call from Cyprus.
Maybe a BOGOF moment…well we can but dream.

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Totally agree. I heard the Labadie podcast recently, and there was a quote in it something like “DJ was scoring goals, and he was the only one tbf, but it didn’t matter because we were winning”. I thought, what a shit mindset that is. It should have been a massive worry we only had one source of goals even at the time.

That is still the only regular source I see of goals at the moment in this squad, because it’s largely the same squad as last season, with some very like for like replacements in Farq - Monthe (in terms of effectiveness, not style of play) and Hussey - White. Stirk is a massive unknown, who knows if he will be any better than what was or is already here.

I’ve been impressed with some moves, I’ve been nonplussed to completely underwhelmed with others. This job is nowhere near done.

I think we will complete our loan signings and maybe one or two others. The quality of those “one or two others” could be make or break between lower half and outside chance of play offs.


If we’re starting the season with Comley as a possible first choice, then we’re not moving forward.


Hussey - White. dont see the comparison Hussey played his part in a very good Stockport team with 10 goal involments.

Farquharson - Monthe. Same effectiveness?? You mean there both defenders.

Riley, Gordon and Matt will all have a full pre season behind them.

Hutch and Knowles are a year more experienced probably be more suited to the type of football we want to play.

And lets be honest we was only a Danny Johnson off fighting for the play offs last season.

I agree we need a couple more quality additions to be very competitive but 50% off is way off the mark.


And is now 34.

Nope, I’m talking about level of ability. Monthe is an extremely physical defender, with one of the best combinations of strength and acceleration I’ve seen at this level. Farquharson is a very mobile neat footballer who is a good defender but can also advance the ball. Both very effective in very different ways. Pretty simple statement really, surprised you are struggling with it. Then again, maybe I’m not.

We were mid table with him.

If you count 5 loan signings and two more additions, which you literally just said you agree we need, 50 percent was generous :man_shrugging:

When talking about the squad and especially DJ I agree not sure there is enough goals from other areas. It’s fantastic he is here but at the moment I don’t see plan B if he is injured or out of form

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I think we’ll play 3-4-1-2.
Matt and DJ to start up front.
Hutchinson behind the front 2.
Knowles as right wing back, but he could also fill the Hutchison role or play up front.

Think we need cover for Hutch.

You just said Knowles can fill in there so why would you waste your budget on adding another player to play behind a front pairing

Long way to go yet, few to many getting carried away.


Let’s hope the squad will all be Brothers in Arms this season and won’t be metaphorically on the beach or dancing by the pool come early April.

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However, because we have operated so poorly for so long, it so easy to see adequate business as absolutely amazing.

As I have said elsewhere its hugely encouraging but still, with the strength and budgets of other sides, without 3/4 strong players we are still miles off an actual challenge.

Just shows how far the club was drifting


Would hope to see mayer getting a bit more game time this year

It’s encouraging granted, but it’s only business that we need to do.

We still need 4/5 good signings minimum.

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Is the view of Farquharson that he’s a neat footballer? When I checked out the Newport forum a couple of weeks ago, a lot of their fans felt like he was a liability on the ball and had a mistake in him.

I think because he takes risks, rather than because he’s not good on the ball. I was going off what I’ve seen though, which is a lot less than Newport fans though so who knows.

I fully expect Matt to come back fitter, fresher and score a few along side Dj. I expect Knowles ( if playing further forward and not bloody wing back ) to score around 7. Hutch to score similar and create more now he’s in his second full season. I’m sure we will sign another attacking mid.

We need a left and right winger to offer something different, 2 right backs ( I wouldn’t play riley there ) attacking midfielder, a striker and goalkeeper. So, 7 signings left imo. The fact we have 5 loans available still I fully expect to get them. The quality of those signings will show us the intent.

Oh and another left back to play in a back 4 if the budget there after those signings.


I liked Matt, but I I liked him because he was extremely good at holding the ball up and had a lovely touch. Banking on him scoring tons of goals next year is very much a 50/50.

His finishing is … poor. I feel like that needs to improve a lot but hopefully you are right.

Hopefully so. He definitely has the most potential in this side. Potential is just that though, potential. If I were a betting man though, I’d back him to make the leap so fingers crossed.

Totally agree on the signings needed.

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Are you feeling OK mate :grin:

But yes agree with pretty much all of that


It’s dependent on service. Matt feeds best off a winger getting the ball in. That was something we were not good at last season.

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Good to see Earing and Meneyese running in the gym. If those two can get fit soon I think we need another keeper, a RB , a LW , a CM., and if possible another big lad up front. I would prefer permanent signings thereby avoiding the January window.