Walsall town swifts

Congratulations to all involved in the forming of the Walsall town swifts football team who will be playing out of Walsall wood

Sure many Walsall fans will soon form an affinity with this side, The kit and badge are a throwback and will hit a. Chord with many an old fan. Will definitely be going along and offering support as and when. I can

And with an ex saddler at the helm Sure I won’t be the only Walsall fan following with great interest. For obvious reasons


Seen some stuff about them, are they playing Saturday’s or Sunday’s?

Who is said ex Saddler at the helm?

Will be playing on Saturdays , and the driving force behind it Wayne Thomas. , wish them every sucsess. For the future. , such a shame they aren’t playing on Sunday’s as I’m sure many saddlers would have backed them, but for those who don’t do away games maybe they will attend and show there support. ,

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Where can I find more information?

If you are on Facebook there’s a page just set up

Is this the ISSA team or another one?

A phoenix club before we are dead…?


Not the Issa team exile but Issa has a close working relationship with. It,

So, The Independent Town Swifts Supporters Association?

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Wayne Thomas the ex players baby exile,
Think it will create a lot of interest amongst Walsall fans, with many already pledging there support to it, Guys behind it committed. And hopefully will see a rapid rise through the leauges. ,

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Have to say if those are the actual kits on Facebook they are very nice indeed!
Would imagine there’d be a few interested in buying one.
What league are they starting in?

Not on Facebook, anyone a whizz with the cut and paste?

I rather like this one:


Hope this is ok to put on, if not I’ll delete post.

Presume this is the home kit.
There was also a red white and green kit but its disappeared for now.


Very nice, I’ll bet the red, green and white is nice too.

Looks nice. Probably last longer than the ■■■■■ we’ll be wearing too.

Very smart always preferred the white with red trim

Nice kit. Particularly impressed by the subtle nod to Fawlty Towers.

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That bloke needs a bit of vitamin D

Can’t be many old fans that remember them as they last played in 1895.