Walsall v Forest Green Rovers (H) 12 Nov, Mickey Mouse Cup

What do we expect tonight

A comically low attendance.

Attack, attack, attack.

If the manager has any sense he’ll play Lavery up top with Gordon, McDonald and Hardy behind him.
So expect a strike force of Holden, Liddle and Adebayo and a penalty shoot out to rival that against Coventry.

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I am not going tonight but I hope we win .I wonder what the team will be!!!

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Just sums the guy up really.
Have we gelled yet? More importantly has the useless git gone yet?

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I will be watching on the Roger Mellie

I can see a narrow loss . 1-0 to FG

If it where me i would play all the players that can’t seem to get a start, i’m sure they have a point to prove.

Has to be a win tonight or we are out. Mathematically we could get through with a draw and then win the penalties, but only if it ends 3-3 or higher - and given that we have only scored 3 in a game once so far this season seems a bit remote.

Like any non-event reserve game, nowt.

Can’t believe they charge people to get in for these games.

Or that we have the audacity to include beating Southampton’s kids in that four game winning streak.

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3-1 FG with about 400 Fans…

No boo’s tho because we do well in training so all is forgiven

Treat this as a similar way as the Darlaston friendly. Stick those needing minutes out there. This won’t count towards his winless run for me, nothing game.

KInd of game we need some confidence and minutes from dan, A bit of a step away from the pressure of the ground being full (ha)

Having said that im sure LP will be hungry for the money of it. Huge team selection for him Saturday after admitting he got it wrong so lets see if DC learns or still has his pigheaded side and holden etc roll up with a 9 1 1 formation

Fair point . He might play a decent 11 tonight instead of the first team 11

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DC must play a full strength side for two reasons:

  1. We need a win by whatever means possible to stop the rot and hopefully inject a small dose of confidence into the side

  2. We need the money, although the gate receipts will not even cover the costs of opening the stadium the rewards for reaching the latter rounds of the competition are significant for a budget of our sides.

With this in mind Clarke will no doubt make 11 changes, lose 3-0 and tell us all how good training went on Monday !


3-0 win all the things that are happening on the training ground will be reverted to the match day experience come on me babbiz

(Mod) … Hope nobody minds, I’ve switched this thread from AAW to Match Centre. Moving house tomorrow, then off to Spain on Friday, so spare time is at a premium!!

The composition of the Saddlers’side for this one? Guess…

The result? Guess again…

The importance of the competition? Purely financial.


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Good luck with the move and enjoy Spain I love Spain not jealous at all

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Is it £5 on the gate for us OAP’s ?.