Walsall v Swindon Town 16th April

Doesn’t seem to be a thread for this, so here goes.

Walsall return to the Poundland hoping to put Saturdays disappointing 3-1 defeat to Notts county behind them. They play a Swindon team in reasonable form having won 3 out of their last 4

FotMob has Swindon with greater possession than their opponents in their last 4 games and lining up in a 3-4-1-2 formation. This perhaps suggests a tight game as it is not dissimilar to Walsall and similar formations tend to cancel each other out.

They seem a youthful side with 3 Irish players (again comparisons can be made to Walsall) with danger man Paul Glatzel having scored 6 in 16.

Walsall will have Brandon comley suspended so will be interesting who replaces him. The obvious choice would be Stirk, with Tierney taking Stirks place higher up the pitch.

  • Walsall win
  • Draw
  • Walsall lose

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I’m expecting a narrow Walsall win as Walsall realistically have to win to keep the season alive and Swindon have nothing to play for.

Other key matches tonight

Crawley v Barrow - think we want a barrow win, so we can catch Crawley even though it means we then can’t really catch Barrow


Remaining 3 games are all must win quite simple

Donny are now the ones we need to catch, not Crawley.

Surely all runs end.Donny can’t keep winning.


Not being funny, but unfortunately it’s both!

I agree but this was a phrase first used on here on 23rd AUGUST :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


I think we will win this but I doubt we can finish much higher. I am reasonably happy with the season but we must do better.

This is the problem to much fan pressure “must win indeed”

Agree, its both

Its no longer in our own hands, both of these need to stumble

Donnys catchup game at Colchester on the last Tuesday could be the key

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Hoping for a win on my birthday :smiley:
Off to the mountains around Ronda now for a couple of days but will hopefully catch at least the second half.
3-1 to the saddlers


We really need Col u to be in need of a result still.


I suppose you are right, but they had nothing to play for on Saturday when they beat Wimbledon, and Notts County had nothing to play for either, so it doesn’t always signify.


Yes. i agree.


It’s all academic anyway, can’t see us winning 3 out of 3 given the form we’re in.

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I agree too. But as supporters I think we should turn out and support the lads 100%

even if we could just be in the mix until the last day i think it would be a boost compared to last few seasons.

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That’s the key - our complete inconsistency this season makes me think we might just win these last 3, to then put pressure on Crawley and Donny, as well as even Barrow

Crawley lose by two goals tonight and we win by three or vice versa and we’re back up to 7th.

The ones at the weekend saying people were clutching at straws for the Gordon goal being disallowed, it could fully well go down to goal difference at the end of the season and it’s incidents like this that are huge.

Anyway, just a win tonight would be good.

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If we can avoid conceding a last minute equaliser in our home game v Crawley, we will be level on points with them and Doncaster going into the last week of the season.

It is surprising how good some players become when the retain and release list is coming around.

Football before the playoffs, most games in the second half of the season were dead rubbers for a lot of teams, and spoiling a party can be a lot of fun, like when we stopped Blackpool getting promoted!

The pressure is all on the team that needs to win.

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Should have beat them away too, was leading 1-0 v them and Gillingham, both games that teams who are serious about promotion see out the game for a win.

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