Watch Out - There's A Clamper About!

"As local residents I would like to inform you (fans) that as of first home game of the season we will be getting our own vehicle clamping company and ensuring all vehicles which have been parked causing obstructions will be clamped and recovered to a compound, with a £300 release fee.“

As I understand only the Police, Local Authority and DVLA can clamp cars parked on public highways. As the Council aren’t interested I can’t see the Police or DVLA popping out on a match day!


Walsall council paid it’s wardens to work o n a Bank Holiday Monday night , so they could book cars parked on Broadway West red route.
I don’t think fans were flouting the law, just didn’t understand the rules.

What’s the deal with parking on the retail park nowadays? Is it a no no?

Don’t know, but we were parking there all last season. :laughing:

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Going to park mine there and obstruct something on purpose. They are welcome to keep it

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Parked there all season - didn’t have any issues.

Remember when some chancers tried to charge for parking on there for the Boxing Day match vs Sheffield Wednesday.

As for this utter bellendery from local residents, did they not see the football stadium in close proximity when they bought their houses???


No they thought they were moving in by a large advertisement hoarding but nothing more.


More people would probably use the stadium parking if they weren’t being charged £5 every time to then be stuck in a queue for half an hour just to get off the car park.


To be fair it’s not always that bad. If you stay til the end of the match, it’s usually cleared by the time you get to your car…


That’s the hard bit though, isn’t it? :laughing:


Yep that he will be paying :joy:

Think that one went over most peoples heads!


I remember a few years ago, i parked my works van JUST over someone’s dropped curb, and when i say JUST i mean about 6 inches, and i was only there 30 mins
It was down Blakenall lane, and the woman was ringing in to my boss every few days, and sending letters of complaint every week wanting me to be disciplined, and she would not ease up until she knew that i had been punished in some way’
So my line manager had me in and gave me a lecture and got me to sign something of an apology just to appease her.
I was livid, because it was just an oversite on my part and i just didn’t see what i had done wrong?
So I went to the scrap yard just by the bridge on Willenhall lane to buy a banger that was road worthy for a couple of hundred quid, and i was going to drive it over to her house, park it directly over the dropped curb, leave it and just dump the keys’
But they hadn’t got anything in at the time, and because i had confided in a mate, he had told my line manager what i planed to do, so he took me to one side and pleaded with me not to do it, and said that although the letter had gone to the complainant, he would make sure it wasn’t on my record, so i forgot about it :joy:

I lived down there when I was skint in my early 20s. If only the locals had such standards for the vehicles parked on the road normally. 3 break ins, a key ran down the side of the car and a smashed wing mirror in 18 months meant as soon as I could move from that complete shit hole I did.


Exactly, think some people should be spending a bit more time reading up on the law and less time writing to the Express& Star :see_no_evil:

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The whole thing stinks of “wahhhh I brought a house near a football ground and now I’m surprised it’s busy every other Saturday (not even for the whole year)!” :rage: :rage: :rage:

If somebody blocks your drive fair enough, other than that, diddums.


The answer is to compulsorily purchase the houses that have been built there since the stadium opened and demolish them so that the Belza can be turned through 180 degrees and extended to the 60,000 capacity stadium that we deserve.


From the RAC Guide to onstreet parking ~
“It is perfectly legal to park outside someone’s house, unless the vehicle is blocking a driveway or a wheel is over a dropped kerb. Where no parking controls exist, drivers do not have an ‘automatic spot’ for parking outside their homes.”


I’ve already won one court case this year against a private parking company, I might tape my judgement to the car window as a warning :smiley:

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