Well the day is upon us how is every one feeling!


I have been coming over 40 years to watch the saddlers and cant belive how I am feeling this morning ! I have seen it all before but for some reason this feels different. A landmark day in the clubs history if we go down I think that we will be there an awful long time the way the club is being run and cant see us getting any better which is killing me inside. I cant go today which is worse as I will have to wait to hear what scores are coming though on the radio. I have put all my lucky clothes on this morning lol . Come on boys one last push make me proud to be a saddler today UTS !!



That’s one of the main reasons I’m glad I managed to get a ticket in the end. If the worst does come to the worst, I think I’d rather be there, even in the home stand,than hear bloody Franks smarming on about “what can Walsall fans realistically expect?”



No nerves my end, from our current position anything but relegation is a bonus.

Fingers crossed.



I can’t decide which of my clothes are lucky.



Had a terrible dream where we lost 3-1…



At Solihull? :no_mouth:



Surely we’ll have sorted the defence out by then…

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I made my peace a while back about going down. I still won’t like it, but the fact I am not as arsed as I should be tells me a lot more about how this club is run.

This group of players deserves a relegation on their CV - the fans don’t deserve it at all.

Or do they?



Today will be bitter sweet for a number of reasons. If we stay up the club have got away with it big time and will probably have the temerity to pull out the ‘ambitions for the Championship’ line out pre-season. If we are relegated, supporters have even greater ammunition to question how the club is being run.

The supporters deserve a miracle today, the club certainly don’t.



I’m partly bricking it at the prospect of the painful wound, but partly ready to exhort a massive ‘■■■■ you’ at the club for the sheer blundering mismanagement and complete lack of respect shown towards the fans.



Didn’t expect us to be in this position so today is a bonus to even have a chance. If we go down, then so be it, I’d already accepted that. If we stay up then great - but then it must be a wake up call for all involved with the running of the club that changes need to be made.



I dreamt this week that we scored an injury time winner in what had been a cagey stalemate before George Dobson made a lung busting run. I think it was a dream anyway… #premonition #Ihaveadream #loadofcobblers #somesayimadreamer



At 7:30pm tonight, I will be opening a bottle of malt that I’ve been saving for a big occasion. There may be tears, I may stick on Starship’s “Nothing’s gonna stop us now!” I might watch Keates’s screamer v Swindon and pour myself another glass. However, I hope to be watching a Walsall montage on the official website with this backing track :wink::heart::red_circle::white_circle::soccer::crossed_fingers:t2:



Working down London for this, can’t even bear to listen. To be relegated by them and being present would be etched on my mind forever. Still can’t get the 0-1 out my mind from a few years back and there was nothing riding on that!

Please lets do it today - don’t get me wrong under the current stewardship we will be right back here in this position again next year, but at least it won’t be them sending us down!!

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I was resigned to relegation a long time ago, but the hope has built in me all week & now i wished I was going to the game as Radio/Web updates are gonna be hard tonight.

Our away form is woeful, so we need a miracle just to win this game and another one for results to go our way.



Already resigned to relegation, anything that happens today is an undeserved bonus etc etc

That’s what I’ve been telling myself for weeks and now the day is here I’m still incredibly nervous :laughing:

My drive to the game today takes me past Wrexham, who next season will be beginning their 12th straight season in the Conference. A timely reminder of what could happen if the mismanagement of our club continues, whatever happens today.



Wow, if Deano had stayed there they looked nailed on for promotion last season. Its a funny old game. What a bad move it proved to be for Walsall, Wrexham and Keates…

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Confident we will win today but doubt we will stay up. Wishing I was there.



I’m kind of in this space too. If we go down today I will regret that the team gave us hope at the very end thus denying the opportunity to let them and the club know how we feel.

If we capitulate today I don’t really want to see anybody clapping this lot off or suggesting that they have been “brave” in any sense of the word. The season has been a disaster however today shapes up.

However if we win and we stay up I’ll be the one with Luke Leahy on my shoulders and coming on here later to compare fondly with the 1981 escape and what a great day it has been.

Fickle? Moi?



Putting aside the overall shambolic nature of our season for me today is very much ‘if only’. If only we had managed to pick up 2 more points all year and today’s task would be a lot clearer, I hate having to rely on other teams doing it for us (Doncaster v Burton !!!)

Past has gone now so dwelling on it wont help but it is ridiculous how utterly ■■■■■ we have been and still have a chance of staying up. A lot is riding on this as I honestly feel today’s game could shape the next decade, maybe even existence of of WFC.