WFC Official and Wes McDonald

Not sure if this has been mentioned in another thread or not but the club are really setting themselves up for a fall if they don’t get a new deal for Wes over the line. Yesterday the official social media account put out a tweet of his stats over the last five games (3 goals, 2 assists)

Today another tweet was posted quoting Wes "I enjoy playing for Walsall. I want to continue giving my best for Walsall when I’m in the shirt.

“You could say that I feel comfortable and confident here so I’m knuckling down, training hard and trying to improve my game."

Putting stuff out like this for me is a PR disaster. It’s the kind of stuff we never seem to learn from. Hopefully a deal has already been done and they are just waiting for the right time to announce it

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I was thinking the same thing earlier - as stated elsewhere he’s on the front page of the programme for the next couple of games too.

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hope things have changed i heard a week ago he wasnt happy with our offer and asked the club to come back with an improved one as he does want to stay.

From the way it sounds, the club sticking him on the front of the programme, the club using his comments today… I wouldn’t be surprised if we announce he’s signed a new deal tomorrow afternoon before our game.


Yeah I am starting to think the same . It would be a bit comical if they are bigging him up only for him to leave the club.


I’d say things are looking up if we are doing what we’ve been doing with Wes bigging him up by plastering him all over match programmes I’d fully expect an announcement tomorrow after the game saying he’s signed a new deal otherwise as others have said it would look rather silly and a waste of time if not.


Yeah, you don’t go and do all that if you don’t know something that is coming up.
It would a pretty big PR gaff(ney) if it turned out not to be the case and he walks.
Mind you, with some of the people running the club and some of the faux pas that have happened and also failed to be addressed, I am not counting any chickens, hatched or otherwise!

How ■■■■■■■ stupid would they look …

Or maybe they’re trying to sweeten him up by making a big thing about him all over our social media? Maybe even under the direction of the manager, he should know the player and it might be that he’s the sort of character that likes to see his name in lights? At the end of the day, we don’t know, it’s all speculation. I’m sure Walsall are doing everything within reason to keep him, without committing to silly deals.

Would it surprise you?

Someone should tell him about Febian Brandy.



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Actually, he may have been scouted through that app that Brandy now does!!

Do you think it would bother them after some of the other pr disasters over the years :wink:

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But that was before , hopefully things will start to be different…isn’t that what we’re all hoping for now :pray:


I agree with you I’m really crossing everything that things are changing he’s been really good lately has Wes that’s with goals and assists and just genuinely being too good for what this league has to offer defensively let’s be honest big bruisers hate the ball around their feet or players with pace running at them I don’t think I’ve seen another player like him playing for anybody else in this league I might be wrong of course but if there is there ain’t many.

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I get the feeling something will be agreed.

He’s starting and playing well. It’s a good time for him to develop rather than moving somewhere else for extra money and his career just stalls on a subs bench.

As said Brandy’s career went downhill fast after leaving and joining Sheffield United. Still only 30 now but last played for Ebbsfleet in 2017.

Staying another six months makes lots of sense to me. See then where the land lies in June.

Brandy should have waited and gone onto better things, but what about Josh Ginnely he’s vanished off the face of the earth altogether.

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Is the programme thing not just a case of it being his turn? A few weeks back Norman was the featured player the cover - yet he never even played that particular game!

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I’m hoping that with the way things are being carried out, something has been agreed and the club are waiting for the right time to announce something.

If we don’t get a positive result tomorrow then I expect it to be announce soon after (although not as soon as the Gaffney signing was). If we do get a win, then they may keep it in the bank closer to the New Years Day game