What a bargain!

They always take the turf up and re seed at the end of the season
They could always sell the old stuff off if they want to make a bit extra ? just a thought :wink:

I like it
I’ve seen it in the shop looks very attractive and be good on my feature wall on the house
I however I’d only be tempted if they took the Leicester part off . That’s the embarrassing tinpot part
Swear Walsall never change and the marketing team have been embarrassing years


We did that before when we left Fellows Park

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Exactly. Get rid of the Leicester bit and ‘put home of’ or ‘our home’ and you’d get a few more on the back of us getting our ground back.

Unfortunately as it is, it’s a bit tinpot.


Something along the lines of…

   **The home of Walsall Football Club**
  (Prised from the grip of the leech in 2022)

Sounds like a Greek legend; or at least Cypriot. One of the labours of Heracles?

It’s a nice picture, showing the ground at near capacity.

Just not worth £35.00.

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Talking of bargains, has the badge set price gone up?
I thought this was £20.00 originally, which I thought was steep as they are not enamel badges, just laminated plastic.
As a badge collector, I was keeping an eye on them, waiting for the inevitable end of season sale (bit like the hi-viz draw string bags), but I’m sure the price has increased.
Has anyone else bought a set and what did you pay for them?

You can get a matchday ticket for next season for the same price :grinning:

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I wouldn’t want it, and the adverts along the bottom of the picture make it look a bit tacky.

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They were £20 in June last year…

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Thought so.
My bad. Should’ve bought a set or two in June, as they are a better return than putting money in the bank.

Having had a look most things on the store have gone up a bit since last year , which you’d expect due to inflation.

However it looks like with some items they’ve rocketed up the price.

This football which was £17 in May last year…

Is now £29.50…

A 74% increase. :flushed:

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How is the price for the Hi-viz Drawstring Bags holding up?


Gone from £4.50 to £5.

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Presumably that’s fiver for the entire stock.

That’s inflation for you, these balls don’t blow themselves up, you know. :wink:


Part of me wonders if it should have been changed to £19.50 and they’ve made a typo. But then that would still be another example of incompetence.

It would be more enjoyable to purchase this and just stare at it blankly for 90mins rather than attend a match.

Three or four seasons ago, I recall a badge seller in the carpark. He had some great WFC badges that were the enamel type.

I bought a lovely little red swift lapel badge. Sadly, now lost.

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