What would it take to fill the ground?

Yesterday was a fiver to get in and yet there were as many empty seats as full ones.

If we picked a similar fixture, say Macclesfield at home on 14th December, what do you think it would take for all 9,500 home seats to be full?

  • ÂŁ2
  • ÂŁ1
  • Free
  • Club have to pay people ÂŁ2
  • Club have to pay people ÂŁ5 or more

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Ambition… £5 with a settled team playing good football at least in the play off picture.

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Villa going bust…

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A home cup draw against Man. Utd.


sadly thats probably right mate.

Under EFL rules we have to give the away club 5% of the gate receipt, and also they need to agree to any special offers deviating from our published pricing plan. Given Macclesfield’s current situation, don’t think they would agree to anything that increased the crowd unless it also increased overall gate receipt and thus their take - or else we could find their players crying off as not enough money from the match to add to the club’s coffers for them to be paid (again).

But to answer the nub of your question - straight wins/decent performances in the games before Macc, with the promise of even better to come, should do the trick.

I don’t think there’s any league two or even league one fixture with any price that would get the ground full.

It’ll take us playing a big Premier League side in the cup or being in the Championship with tickets priced at £5-£10.

Or as someone else said, Villa going bust… along with Wolves and Baggies.

As I have said on other occasions this season with the end of the bonser era… Northamton game we all showed great support. Everyone was convinced this was a new chapter in our clubs history and what could be achieved if we just spent a little a extra. But pomlett as much as I’m grateful to get rid of bonser looks as though he was not prepared to take that risk and take the great opportunity that will not come along again sadly.

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like the way pomlett engages with the media and fans thats good and a nice change from bonser hiding away but i still need more convincing as nothing else has really changed yet.january will be huge because a lot myself included are still unconvinced so far.


The problem is he’s had to spend a fair wedge just to take control. Spending several million to get Bonser’s and his brothers’ shares as well as pay off Bonser’s loans. That’s enough of a personal risk so I’m not surprised he hasn’t got much left to give at present. And let’s remember there’s still the freehold to deal with. Nothing major is going to change financially till we’re no longer lining the leech’s pockets to £450k a year.

I think Pomlett’s plan is to restructure so he gets his investment back and then puts the club on a financial footing which means it stands on its own bringing in revenue which can go back into the club rather than someone’s pension fund.


The queues for the fivers back are going to be enormous!


New board , heavy investment, promotion , and still that wouldn’t see the fans flock for tickets.

So much damage has been done it’s almost irreversible at this stage.


We have missed a generation it’s no good trying to get it back they have gone elsewhere :confused:


We struggled to get 7000 when we were in division 2 with some of the lowest prices in the division and a team containing Merson Samways etc.

Not even a free concert by Donny and Marie Osmond after the game would fill the Bescot


Exactly this , for going on 20 years we have failed to attract support through the town/community. These families now support other local clubs, and will pass that support down to the next generation.

Huge task for anyone , let some for someone without much financial clout.


There’s many things that affect our attendance and many of those being out of our control but my biggest gripe is the lack of effort the club shows to try and gain that extra support and as much as I appreciate Pomlett communicating with us, simply saying he wants 5k isn’t going to cut it

We have a massive college right in the town centre, a university sports campus in Walsall… surely there’s a massive opportunity there to attract students to come and watch us. The club are well aware of the ageing fan base, so why not make the most of what we have in our town

For a club of our size, I don’t feel we are one that truly represents our town which makes people want to go and support us


The way the club struggled to cope with an attendance of 5000 at the weekend suggests one of the big reasons why we don’t sell any more tickets is simply because it becomes too much of a hassle for fans to go.

We’ve got a non-league mindset.


If we opened the gates and let people in for nothing,gave them a pie,a pint, and a programme as they came in,heated seats with cushions and Kelly Brooks showing you to your seat,we still wouldn’t get more than 7,000.Those days are gone,I can remember some big crowds when I was a lot younger.I think we lost a massive opportunity when we got to Wembley,the fans turned up in massive numbers,but unfortunately thanks to Smiths tactics,the players didn’t.


Nothing we do will fill the ground!! As someone said above when we had a good team in the Championship we couldn’t fill it so unless we play one of the “big” six in the Cup or reach the Premiership :grinning: you can give up on that idea.

Lincoln managed to pretty much triple their support following a couple of seriously good cup runs. Historically Lincoln have never had anywhere near the support we have had. We shouldnt give up.