What's happened to you?

Vale fan in pieces!

Question. What the hell has happened to your lot? Came to the Bescot last March. I remarked on your forum after the 2-2 draw that Walsall’s second half performance was easily the best I’d seen in League 2 for a number of years. You absolutely battered us for most of that half. Your team was full of guile, pace and attacking intent.

Now I’m aware that you’ve sold your chief striker a few weeks ago but he was far from the best player against us so what’s happened to the rest?!

Don’t give up hope. When DC came to us we were absolutely dog ■■■■■. I was absolutely in pieces. Just couldn’t see a way out. Couldn’t win, couldn’t score. Players were low on confidence. Sound familiar?

DC sorted the defence and suddenly stopped conceding as many soft goals to the detriment of attacking intent. Since then we have had 3 of our best players back and this has meant a resultant marked increase in quality and thus 3 wins on the bounce. We had previously won 3 in 24 I think. So IT CAN CHANGE!

For what its worth I think Vale are safe on 44 points. You have a game in hand on us on 41. I only believe you need another 3 or 4 points for safety. The good thing for you is that it seems Grimsby are gone so you have yourselves, Barrow, Colchester and Sarfend battling to avoid the second from bottom slot.

I hope you stay up. I have long forgiven you for toying with us in the Buckley years of the 70s. How you could do with his ilk or the likes of Nicky Cross now! Proper footballers they were!

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be at your place next season with the other knuckledragging clayheads! The DC saga should add much needed zest!

Good luck and see you next season. Gordon to be in a Vale shirt?


Your lucky to have 3 good players. We had 3, sold 2 and the other ones been out for half the season and yet to reappear.

You can happily take Gordon :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


You are more than welcome to Gordon we need the dosh, how about we do a BOGOF and we throw in Clarkes No 2 to seal the deal. Have a word with Carol and we will deliver both of them to you FOC.

No 2 is a fitting description of his managerial ability , but he is good stacking shelves in Morrisons which may come in handy and also he is a nice chap to go with it according to our chairman

Speak soon on this hopefully

Fingers crossed that we do stay up and you lot do as well. Its more or less a guaranteed 4 or 6 points towards our promotion challenge as promised by the powers that be

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  1. Leigh Pomlett
    Has proven to lack the ability to steer a football club

  2. Brian Dutton
    Refer to any of the results or performances since he was installed

Not a complicated answer

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■■■■■■■ have him and enjoy the 6 defensive mids you sign in the summer :+1:

We recently sold our best striker and one of our best defenders.Out best midfielder has been out for months and both our previous Manager and his short term replacement in trying to fill the gaps in the short term have constantly changed the team have made us look disjointed to say the least. Add to that a loss of form by players like Gordon and McDonald means our goal threat is negligible hence all the draws we get.
I am sure we will play you next season but have the feeling that very few of our existing line up will be here.

We sold our top scorer and failed to bring in an able replacement despite having a top 10 budget. We have persisted with a man who was quite obviously out of his depth as a manager instead of bringing in an able replacement despite having a top 10 budget.

As much as DC was at fault for some of this, had our chairman not made two wrong decisions above we wouldn’t be where we are now. In my opinion he’s proving too indecisive. Lacking the balls to make big decisions. Some may blame Covid for that but he himself has ruled Covid out by saying the Adebayo/Jules sales were not forced because we needed the money and neither was the decision to let Clarke go.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you end up with Gordon, he looks like he needs a move as much as we need freshening up. Enjoy having James Clarke too. DC will add a bit of stability if you need it, but I don’t think he’s good enough to win promotions without a budget. Hopefully be at Vale Park next season.


Mate I will happily drive Gordon to you :+1:t2:

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It’s on his way back to the Coronation street set anyway he can pop in himself :joy: :wink:

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Come back in November when he’s made his own ■■■■ signings and playing lovely hoof ball and by then your hoping they’ve gelled according to the man with all the badges. Don’t forget this squad was put together by your super new boss and didn’t inherit it, so you look how well we’ve performed over the last 18 months, if fans had of been in the stadium he would of gone before xmas and his badges with him GOOD RIDDANCE. Hope you enjoy his post match analysis and excuses.

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So you had three key players return, and a DoF was appointed. Not DC then!


Wtf is a vale fan doing in our forum.

:fu:Vale :fu:Clarke

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I don’t understand why he is in pieces they have just won the last 3 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You will be getting one of our only quality performers in the summer in the form of Holden, but many of us would be only too willing to drive both Gordon and Dutton (as DC’s capable (useless) assistant) to Burslem with our best wishes.

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Holden won’t go anywhere, he still needs to prove himself in my eyes.

So DC wins a couple and you grow a pair and show up on here go and ■■■■ off back to Burslem hope you lose more than you win under the ■■■■ stain that is Darrell Clarke,as if you’ve popped up on here after a couple of wins cheeky ■■■■.

I’d happily pay Gordon’s taxi fare

I’m hoping Holden has seen DC for what he is and steers well clear .

If Holden does go I hope he goes anywhere other than to Vale .

I think as said Holden does still need to prove himself with us . The only place he will go is to fail and I hope we hold them to ransom and get a good deal if he wants to leave . Otherwise he stays put.