What's the Difference?

Sure I’ll get slated for this, but what’s the difference between Keates and Whitney, because at the moment I see little. He seems to be scratching around for a team, and formation, he slates players in public, and, as much as some can try and pin it squarely on Devlin and Leahy, he can’t organise a defence. All the same shortcomings Whitney seemed to have.

We sit, assuming we are once again hammered by a team in the relegation zone, 1 point better off than we were this time last year, and, most worryingly, we picked up more than half of those points before Sept 22nd! Follow the trend of 14 points every 3 months and we’ll be deep in a battle.


Does seem a miracle that the team is still top half (just) considering the run since middle of October.

That’s the difference so far.

Other than a coherent style of play, better press conferences, an actual cup run, results that match Whitney’s best run as manager (despite being left with a far inferior team, that was built by … Whitney) not a lot.



Sack the coaching staff before it’s to late

Jesus Christ :roll_eyes:

E’s gorra gew Franksy!

Honey moon over now for Keats got to stand by his word and get rid of some of this ■■■■■ or he might pay the price


Wouldn’t say style of play is coherent.

I’m not say Whitney was any better, just that Keates seems to be making the same mistakes, and I fear a relegation scrap is on the cards once again.

I wouldn’t say the formation is consistent but the style of play is. It relys on intensity and direct play and that doesn’t really change.

I couldn’t tell you what characteristics a Whitney side had and I watched it for two and a half years.

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If there were two words to describe the exact opposite of today’s performance it’d be direct and intense.

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Exactly. When the intensity isn’t there it doesn’t work. Because we have failed to play the way we are set up.

Too many ■■■■ players

Keates is looking a bit lost to be honest and needs some experience in alongside with a bit of authority to get players respect and with some organisation skills

This isn’t Keates’ fault. The difference is Whitney managed to build a terrible squad of players with ‘our biggest ever budget.’ Keates has been left with the scraps to try and mould a team together based on hard-work and effort, unfortunately that will only get you so far and this season was always going to be a struggle.

He’s obviously made mistakes along the way, but had we stuck with Whitney we’d almost certainly be looking upwards somewhere in the mire of League Two.


Christ he’s had more “honeymoons” than Henry the 8th

Swear this gets posted after every loss.


It seems a long time ago now that Wrexham fans were telling us we’d have a boring but reliable team based on a sound defence.

Not sure about the press conferences, like Whitney he digs out the players after every defeat.

I said the same a few weeks ago but the board moron(s) jumped on me.

Very little difference IMO. The big nasty words after poor performances begin to look very stupid when those poor performances get repeated time and time again. And if we think that…what must the players think

He digs them out after poor performances. Not sure it’s after every defeat.

Whitney did it on a game by game basis.

He also manages to not contradict himself at every turn along with insult half the fans at the same time.

This moron always find it interesting when fans can come on social media forms (easily accessible by footballers) and moan about the players to their hearts content. Sometimes with venomous language.

But a manager gives an honest assessment and suddenly that’s using “big nasty words” and that will some how negatively effect what the players think.

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What’s the difference between our start to the season, when we seemed to gel as a team and played with some great confidence to where we are now? Same players. Same manager. What’s changed?