Where are the game changers that Leigh promised?

Although I have faith ib Flynn’s recruitment I am disappointed regarding Leigh’s statement regarding the four new signings including a ‘game changer’
I presume the four are now signed, but where is the marquee, game changer?
I honestly thought it would be Telford or Norwood or even both. Perhaps it will be !!!

I honestly think Pommers meant Clarke as the game changer.


The fact that this is still a cause for debate weeks and weeks after he said it clearly demonstrates why LP is completely unprofessional and should be kept well away from a microphone.


I would tend to agree re the game changer.
I don’t really understand if it is Clarke ?
The current recruitment has left me a little cold and still feels a bit similar to last seasons, but this is Walsall, even if we have had a takeover - I did expect the odd big name ………… to aid ST sales and prove to the drifters that we are very serious about improving and getting out of dogshite L2

Care to explain why anyone would think that a 40 year old CH was a game changer?

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Ask Pombear.

Got to be a striker and winger coming in we can’t start another season with no one upfront surely :thinking:

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I have, via the SLO. Said he’d get back to me.

Good luck with that…

Sure he didn’t just say he’d pass your comments on? :thinking::wink:

I’d have to agree that Leigh really doesn’t help himself on occasion. Saying nothing would be better in some circumstances.


Because he was in league 2 team of the year

Game changer coming apparently. I’m currently in a crush outside the ticket office hoping I can secure my ticket before the ticket office closes at 7pm.

Trivela is that game changer probably, but different words would be used to describe it. Not the first time, so nothing new.

I suspect he was the player flynn made a “beeline” for. And it will be a game changer in terms of attitude and approach in the dressing room, in training and on the pitch. You don’t get to play at 40 without really understanding how to look after yourself physically and mentally, and i would hope that he can pass that on to the rest of the squad.


If that is indeed true, then what a shambles we must have been. You’d expect that to be a given in a professional football club, especially given the stuff spouted in the recent past about bringing in the right characters.


The guy really knows how to put his foot in it.

Clarke may be well a great player for us, but to tease fans by promising a “game changing” signing and for it to turn out to be a 40 year old lower league stalwart centre back almost feels like he’s trolling.


Kevin Ellison incoming!!!


This is the kind of thing I don’t think helps him.

Remember last season he was talking about a promising signing… then it didn’t come off. Got peoples hopes up for nothing. Then recently when he said we had 4 signings they hoped to announce within a couple of days… then they were slowly announced out over days and weeks.

He’d be better off just keeping quiet and letting things speak for themselves.


Blokes a dickhead glad he no longer calls the shots pure drivel since he took over.

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