Where Are We At?

A typical start to a Clarke season, and we’ll come good?


Heading for a another season of inconsistency, mistakes, and frustration?


I get that he has a slow start to a season, and i think most of us allowed him that last year, but have we really come any further?

We’ll, we’ve not been mauled at home to Morecambe yet.

I think there’s some good stuff - more resilience, more goal threat, Nurse looks a good player, however the defence has gone backwards, as has McDonald, and it’s almost like the Whitney days with the penalties we’re giving away.

We’ve matched most teams so far this season, other than FGR, but things need to click for us to be anything other than mid-table.


Organisation is the biggest attribute in this poor league that we find ourselves in . Had hoped compared to other teams who had had more of turnover in players we would have that this season .
Cambridge tonight were nothing special but they looked organised and every player seemed to know there jobs . Until Clarke stops over complicating things with his formations and changes every game we will be nothing but mid table I think.


I think for me this Saturday will give us more of an idea. We’ll be ten games in, DC himself said we’d have a better idea ten games in. We’ll see if we have it in us to react to a defeat and it’s against a side really low on confidence and look like one of the leagues whipping boys at the moment.


We’re still nowhere near as crap as last seasons dross. Bit more resilient but we still don’t create or score enough. It is frustrating because we don’t seem to going anywhere. It’s about as exciting as boiling an egg.

Same old problems, lack of squad depth and an unbalanced one. If Holden and Mcdonald don’t have a good day neither do we, and we only have one good enough midfielder and he’s only got 60 mins in him. A lot of them are showing heavy legs already.

I really think we should just bang a few of the young lads in the squad. (I. E Perry and Campbell) I’m suprised they haven’t made more appearances yet.


Also, no need to panic yet.

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It’s so frustrating watching the team play,knowing any second,someone is going to make a totally unforced error. We’re back to playing Holden out wide,I think we all agree he’s nowhere near as effective there, at the moment the striker (s?) are ineffective. The only thing in DC’s favour is that he doesn’t have to put up with the crowd getting on his back.

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It’s frustrating but I believe with a bit of adjustment we aren’t far off.

If we can 2/3 games in the next 5 then it will all change.

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Sorry but I’m struggling to see to much progress, going forward is our weak area and we look as clues less as ever.

The undefeated start to the season has mainly been achieved through defensive , boring football. Guessing the vast majority of teams in our league could set up and achieve something similar should they choose.

I said last night that I’ve always been a DC supporter, but as it stands he’s losing me … why? Because our football is dull boring and lacks any imagination , Watching on the TV only highlights this more.


He said, ‘Judge me next season with my team’, well so far mate you are ■■■■.


I just can’t see where goals come from mate , even with JG back in the team.

Clarke getting the system totally wrong for me. Holden isn’t effective out wide, bates looks nowhere near ready for this level. White over Norman? I don’t understand that one at all. Play players in there right positions and stick to a system which benefits them instead of changing it every game. Only positive from last night was jules was clearly better than James Clarke at cb. 4312 would suit us better I think lavery and adebayo up top and Holden behind in a free role. Norman and nurse lb, rb are more than capable of providing the width from deep and you can still win the midfield battles. Just my opinion anyways. Something gotta change and quick cause we’re deffo going backwards

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This is what I don’t get and I mentioned on the match thread last night - why are we playing Holden out there when DC clearly admitted himself that it didn’t work last season. We played a formation with him central that worked (4231) and have signed players that can play there on the right e.g. Osedebe, even if not a ‘perfect’ option. Do that and get that momentum back we had last year. Even if Holden was in the right of the 3 behind the striker and switched with Osedebe during the game at various points, it is better than sticking him on the right of a 4 and even more isolated.

We cannot be saying that without Josh in the team we don’t score / play / create etc, that’s crazy pressure on one player who isn’t exactly Messi or Ronaldo. Adebayo. Lavery. Osedebe, Wes, should be able to play together in whatever combo and give us some attacking threat, aside from the loanees and youngsters we have who could come in

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I think it’s because he’s setting up not to lose, rather than playing to our strengths.

Hence the long unbeaten run.


More goal threat? We have no goal threat and are one of the lowest scorers in our league as we speak.:triumph:, but I do agree we aren’t that far away. We are far to slow in our build up and players aren’t available for a forward pass often enough. More movement and faster passing would make a big difference I think.

Bang on with those comments that they will make it a 3-1 home win then.

Cook 3xpenalties for them and and a Mansfield own goal for us

What will that make us if the whipping boys actually do whip us ?


I think this season is better than previous one. Little bit, but better. Defence looks better (except part about that mistake sewn deep inside), attack looks better (there are players, who can finish something), general play looks better (some passes exchanges reminds Smith’s years). Probably will be an improvement in near future too. Last time it happened after quite loud ‘sack him’ comments. Of course there is some minus, there is no box to box midfielder. Adding something to defence, but next moment capable of adding something in attack. And making team looks more solid, coherent maybe. George Evans version 2020. But that’s money problem probably, so nothing could be done in these times.

That run blinkered many eyes, 2 wins 6 draws and 1 loss, is bang average and borderline ■■■■.

Play the players in their correct positions and stop trying to be a clever ■■■■.

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Instead of setting the team up for the opposition, why not try a new tactic and let them worry about we, it just smacks of defeatism before we start if were worried what the opposition might do to us.