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Where are we from


Hi everyone I have been a saddlers fan for thirty years living in Birmingham for past twenty years was wondering if their was any other saddlers living in Birmingham an going to home an away games?


I’m in the overspill in Brownhills :wink:




Born in Handsworth in 1952 but left in 1968 so not much use I’m afraid,


Born in Streetly in mid sixties alway had a Birmingham post code and phone number and always lived in Villa stronghold but supported Walsall since 75 and get strange looks when wearing Walsall colours consider myself as a Brummie but a proud Saddler even when it’s dire


Olton 1945-1960, then Formby, Radcliffe, Stockport, Pontypridd and Cymmer Afan (surrounded by sheep!) - sorry… :wink:


Ok hullsaddler no problem handsworth has always been a big Albion fan base :smiley:


My grandad was a season ticket holder and used to take me to the Hawthorns as a child.


Brought up in Palfrey, now resident in Sutton Coldfield.


That’s 2 of us then


Fair play mate was in Erdington for thirteen years which is a big villa area now in bartley green which is blues villa an Albion but I’m always a proud saddler


Born at the Manor Hospital and never left.

Sometimes I pretend I’m ‘overseas’ by climbing into a tent and eating Chinese take-aways.


Lived in Erdington for 8 years Dad was a Blues fan as was my moms Sisters who took me to first ever game at St Andrews


I was brought up in the butts went chuckery junior then Barr beacon secondary left walsall in 1998 was living in caldmore when I left walsall


but you’re not going anymore …


Went to Whitehall Junior and Blue Coat. Was also a member of the Junior Saddlers from 1992 to 1995!


I obviously didn’t read the question right :rofl:


How have you managed to get a bed for that long mate ? …


Small world mate ! I was in junior saddlers from 1990 to 1992 when Linda Hoolley was their also Mick Kearns I left when I was 16 in 1992


Born in the Chuckery, moved to Willenhall as a kid, on to Featherstone as an adult, and now live in Penkridge.